How long does Frontier Airlines take to Refund?

Have you recently cancelled your booking with Frontier Airlines and wondering how long it takes to process a refund? Then, you can check out the details mentioned in this article and process a refund for your booking.

Frontier Airlines Refund policy

  1. As per the standard airline policies, the reservations that are eligible for a refund are processed within one week of the request to the source. 

  2. However, before heading on with the refund request, it is required that the passenger has complete info regarding guidelines for filing Frontier airlines refund request that includes the following pointers: 

  3. The refund is offered to the bookings confirmed online or via the reservation department. 

  4. Further, for claiming a refund, one needs to submit an online request form. 

  5. The cancellation made just after one day of the booking before the flight departure is subject to a fee. 

  6. For the cancellation made after 24-hour of the booking, then the refund is converted into a credit that can be utilized within 90 days.

Cancelled flight refund for Frontier Airlines bookings

For the passengers whose flight is cancelled less than 2 weeks before the departure, the passenger is offered a full refund along with a compensation of €600 per person.

Requesting a refund for the Frontier Airlines booking 

For those looking for info on Frontier Airlines refund request, they can follow the quick steps mentioned below and process a quick refund.

  1. For requesting a refund, the passenger needs to visit the airline homepage.

  2. Click on the manage option on the homepage and enter reservation details. 

  3. Further, the passenger can opt for the request refund option and confirm the same.

Thus, this is the complete info on the Frontier cancelled flight refund and request procedures. In case, if the passenger has any queries, they can reach out to the airline customer service for assistance and manage their refund accordingly.


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