How far in advance can you book Lufthansa flights?

Everyone feels that booking your flights well in advance can save a few bucks. It is true for many, but there are criteria to book a ticket well in advance. It is a fact that most US carriers allow their passengers to book tickets in cash for 11 months in advance. There are incidents wherein flights open early for special bookings like award bookings in some airlines. However, low-cost carriers do not provide this option of booking, and also experts say always make your bookings 3-4 weeks prior but not 9-10 months as it won’t make much of a difference. It depends on the airline as to how far you can book in advance. Let’s find out how far in advance Lufthansa and British Airways reservations go for a booking.

Every airline has its own policy of how far in advance you can book your tickets and few of them also have some special payment policies as well if you are booking in advance, that can either be with cash or miles. It all depends on the level of research a traveler does to gain imperial profit without any hassle.

Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines was founded in 1997 and is the largest German airline. It is one of the 5 Star Alliance and, as of 2020, has domestic and international destinations like Asia, Africa, the USA, and Europe. To book a flight well in advance for Lufthansa airlines, you can go up to 11 months in advance. Generally, Lufthansa opens their window to pre-book a ticket in advance from 11 months. You book a flight as early as 52 hours before the departure as well. 

British Airways

British Airways is known as the flag carrier for the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in London, which is near its central hub Heathrow Airport. It is the 2nd largest UK based airline.

The booking system in British Airways lets the passenger book flights from 355 days in advance. This option is applicable for both cash as well as Avios tickets. If you wish to book a seat for a particular day, you need to book the tickets or give them a call to book at midnight of the day you want to book for 355 days prior. 

For example, if you wish to book for 20 April 2021, you need to book your tickets on 30 April 2020.

Get the best deal if you book at this time!

Furthermore, booking a flight ticket is just like a game of gamble. Whenever you make a payment for booking a seat, it always feels like someone else is getting the same seat for less fare. According to many types of research done on the flight tickets fare, it is noticeable that the flight tickets’ cost stays the same between 320 to 106 days before the scheduled departure time. However, the prices start to drop down around 105 days before the departure.

More ways to save a little extra!

  • Always remember to use your mile reward. It just requires you to sign in to the airline’s official account using your credit card and is one of the easiest ways to get some discounts and save some extra bucks. 

  • Try avoiding festivals, national holidays, and other popular dates. These days, the rates are relatively high, and the flights can be expensive compared to standard day prices. 

  • Always confirm the deals and offers by contacting the airlines’ representatives as they usually have the authority to make use of the unpublished deals and discounts if required. 

It is essential to know that as soon as the booking window opens for airlines such as British Airlines or Lufthansa reservations or any other airline, they tend to increase the fares as more seats will be reserved. Remember to keep a reminder a couple of days before your booking date to ensure you have an ample amount of time to research and select the tickets at your desired price.

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