How do I update Play store in Android?

Update google play store on Android

with help of Google play store, person can download various that will be available on play store. Like other apps that can be updates whenever we want, Google does not provide the same option. It updates automatically in the background. However many times due to few reasons play store does not update automatically then in that case follow the below steps.

How to update Google play store on android ?

From the store settings-

  • Open the Play Store app on the device. Then user need to press the three-bar horizontal menu situated at the top-left corner. Then from the menu, press on the Settings
  • On the Settings page, go below and view the play store update option.  Then choose  it. If an update  will be available, Play Store will start to update automatically. If in case your Play Store is up to date, then user will get a pop up on the screen saying that the ‘Google Play Store is up to date.

Clear the data 

  •  To force update the play store next option is to clear the data in order to perform how to update Google play store in simple and easy way.
  •  Firstly Open the device Settings with the help of the quick menu or by pressing the Settings icon on screen.
  • After that click on the Apps/Application Manager/Installed apps, depending on the device which user will be using. Below all Apps option look for Google Play Store and press it.
  • Then under the App info of Google Play Store, press on the Storage option. On the Storage screen, press the Clear Storage/Clear Data.
  • Last step will be to start the device again then wait for 2-3 minutes to automatically update the playstore.

These were the ways to  how to update the Google play store  , for more information go to the website or dial the toll number and talk to a representative, they will assist you throughout.


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