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How do I Make a Payroll Schedule

One of the best selling features of QuickBooks is automatic payroll management through a payroll schedule. Contact payroll suggests you to setup scheduled payroll now to avoid manual processing of employee wages. If you are a medium or large business, this feature will prove very beneficial for you. In case you need expert help, QuickBooks customer support is here to help.

The Best Steps to Setup Scheduled Payroll

As you need to setup scheduled payroll in the QuickBooks Payroll suite, follow the steps below. Contact Payroll also offers you QuickBooks customer support.

1) Open QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced.

2) Visit the “Settings” section and then tap on “Account & Settings” and then select “Payroll Settings.”

3) Next, in the “Payroll & Services” tab, choose the “Pay Schedules” item.

4) Click on “Create,” and then make an entry of the pay period and date. Tap “OK.”

5) Rename or leave the description as you choose, and then tap “OK” to save.

Assigning Pay Schedule to an Employee

1) Tap on the “Payroll” item and then select “Employees.”

2) Now, choose the employee name from a list of names.

3) Click on the “Edit Employee” button.

4) Tap on the “How often do you pay” item and settle the payment schedule.

5) Tap on “Done” to finish the process.

Delete or Edit a Pay Schedule

Point to Note: When you’re removing a pay schedule, there should not be an employee in it. Put the employees in another pay schedule before deleting the old one.

1) Access the “Settings,” and then choose the “Payroll Settings.”

2) Go to the “Payroll & Services screen” and select “Pay Schedules.”

3) Tap on “Edit” next to the payment schedule that you need to delete or update.


Are you still sticking to the old days’ manual salary processing? If you own a QuickBooks Payroll Subscription and want to migrate to automatic wage processing setup scheduled payroll. For technical help, get in touch with QuickBooks customer support.

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