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How Do I Install Microsoft Office without a Product Key?

For students and workers, this Microsoft office plays a major role in their life. So to get the Microsoft office, users have to pay a subscription amount. Those who have paid already can get into it just by signing in. If you don’t know how to install Microsoft Office without a product key then you are on the right track, now let’s look at the installing techniques.

So these methods that we are going to see will work for all versions of Microsoft users. 

1. Open a new document, right-click on the desktop, then click on new and then on the text document; now a new document opens. Now, you will have to copy the code into a document. And then save the file.

2. While you save, add.CMD at the end of the file name. For instance, it should be like this ‘install. cmd’. Also, choose the location where you want to save the document. Now click on the save option.

3. After saving the file, right-click on the document and click on run as administrator.

4. Now activation of your Microsoft Office is in the process. This may take some time, wait and complete it fully.

5. Now your Microsoft office has been activated successfully. 

By using these simple steps activate Microsoft office 2010 without a product key, that too at a free of cost. Now open your Microsoft office to check whether it is working. 

Thus you can activate Microsoft Office 2010 or any version that you desire.

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