How Do I Get An Edu Email Account?

In this, we would talk about a fully working and tested private way of creating Edu mail for free. You get Edu mail for free when you get admitted to institutes like colleges and universities. Such emails are in the format and that is why they are known as Edu emails. But the users always think about how to get such an Edu email for free. 

Why create an Edu Email?

Educational extension email is one of the topmost email extensions to which so many companies offer free services. These emails are only offered by colleges and universities to their students. 

Process of creating Edu Email for free

The process is divided into two parts and the steps for creating an account are given below:

You will have to sign up to open at first by the link. Click on ‘create an account and then click on ‘start creating my account’.

If you are a citizen of the USA, fill in your form but if not then follow the link and get fake information about California and use that info for registration. Enter the date you generated into the account creation. Enter your name, birth date, and social security number. Then type your email. Enter your address and click continue. Enter the username, password, and pin. Choose a random security question answer and click ‘create my account’.

Creating Edu Email for free

Click continue and sign in with your username and password if you signed out. Select orange coast college from the list and start my application. Selected undecided goal and major subject and click continue. Select all the info related to your address and city, wait for a few days and then you will get an email with Edu email login data.

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