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How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Attachments?

This blog is truly dedicated to the problem when Yahoo mail won’t send attachments.The most common reason being wrong configuration settings in your device. If you are an internet explorer as your web browser then simply try disabling the add on the that by switching to the ad blocker. This might solve the problem in many ways. 

Most of the time security reasons can also trigger the problem of yahoo mail open attachments. You can simply avoid this by configuring the right setup along with current details . Besides do you know antivirus software and incorrect firewall settings can also cause this glitch to occur so far. I would suggest you to switch to the chrome as your browser , to do so follow these simple steps :

  1. Start by opening the settings option which is under the tag of automatic downloads.
  2. After you allow automatic downloads , kindly check if this has resolved your issue . It is highly recommended to simply close all the browsers before trying to download the files again . 

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