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How Can You Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop?

Direct deposit saves valuable amount of time in payroll. So now every QuickBooks users want to pay for their staff and contractors through QuickBooks direct deposit. But the situation is that, How to Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop? To verify the direct deposit in QuickBooks Desktop you have to check out the given method, but before that, you need to know something in regards to the verification of direct deposit in QuickBooks Desktop.

Intuit makes two small transactions, and among them one is deposit, and one withdrawal amount significantly, when a person provide his or her initial bank information. You have to check on it. Head to the lender statement and look for the little transaction done by Intuit. Then enter the total amount to verify the account in QuickBooks Desktop.

Amazing Guidelines to Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Mentioned below some of the best guidelines to Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

1) Select the Employees menu and choose the My Payroll Service option from the list.

2) Next go through the Activate Direct Deposit option, and the Enter Test Debits option.

Create the lender account information on employees in QuickBooks

1) If your employees like to have their paychecks through direct deposit, then you have to get their bank accounts details.

2) The written permission must also deposit their paychecks direct.  

Pay your Employees:

1) After the entire put up of the direct deposit, create paychecks.

2) Then send the direct deposit to Intuit, it might take two days to deposit paychecks to the lender account of employees.

However, direct deposit must only be made to financial records bearing the name of taxpayer. QuickBooks will tell you how to Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop and how paychecks will be issued and will total up the taxes, gross pay, deductions, net pay, and direct deposit.

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