How Can You Grow Real Audience on Instagram? Say no to fake Followers!

2021: We would remember it for Covid-19 that kept us all indoors. And gave a million-dollar opportunity to businesses to interact with the audience looking for a safe harbor to stay away from the havoc the virus has created!  But, how?

Through viral videos, entertaining, and informative content, influencers post on Instagram.  So, the first step in creating real followers is through collaborating with the right influencers who have the skills and, most importantly, the reach to increase Instagram followers for brands.  But is it that easy? You collaborate with famous influencers, and within a blink of an eye, your follower count reaches 10,000 milestones. No, if you are thinking this way, it’s time to change your mindset. 

Many companies make fake promises to brands to increase their flowers quickly. They do so, but do you know how? They give you fake followers that won’t do any good instead damage your company’s reputation.  

Are you constantly losing followers on Instagram?  Is it them or your lack of strategy and inability to attract the audience? Or maybe you are using the shortcut route of buying fake followers? Fret not! In this blog, you will get complete information on how to increase real Instagram followers? So, are you ready? Hop on!

Why Brands Want More Instagram Followers?

They say figures don’t lie. So, the results from the study stating more than 80 % of accounts on Instagram follow a business would motivate you to kickstart your Instagram marketing campaign.  But do numbers matter for brands?  If you have a decent number of followers who are engaged, then yes, numbers matter.  

According to social proof theory, people trust a person or a business more if they have a decent number of highly engaged followers.  Followers bring brand recognition and spread it by positive word of mouth, features, or shootouts.  More followers mean more awareness, authority, and respect within your niche.

Make Way For Real Followers with These Expert Tips

Give Quality Priority Over Quantity

Did someone tell you to post on Instagram between one to three times a day? But, this technique may not work for you! Yes, brand awareness is good, but frequent posts may look like spam; as a result, you would lose your followers. Also, if you post several times a day, your user engagement may decline. Not able to generate quality content, stop posting every day and wait till you get informative content your audience would like.

Generate your Own Hashtag

 We all know hashtags can help you to build a community and involve people with common interests.  The right hashtag will expose your image, video, or Instagram story to a large targeted audience. Now, brands can create their hashtag and encourage users to use them. In the beginning, you can start with small groups.

Socializing can be the Savior 

Meet new people; communicate with those who share common interests to engage better with the target audience. What more can you do to promote your business and build Instagram followers? Start liking tons of pictures related to your profile. If you are promoting beauty products, look for people who talk about them. Share comments on other’s posts and your opinion.

Why People Should Follow You?

We subscribe or follow those accounts which we find valuable, entertaining, or informative.  We like content that is attractive visually and is informative and motivating. To get more followers, you have to educate or motivate people. For instance, if you are selling weight-loss products, share your story, challenges you faced, and how you overcome them.

Focus on Making an Appealing Grid

Never and we say never underestimate the power of visual communication.  Customers recognize products by their logo, and the same is true for the Instagram profile.  To engage customers, you have to make the Instagram profile visually appealing by adding color, structure, and symmetry to your grid. You can also add quotes on one color background or post the same object on every third or fourth picture.

Make use of Geotagging Feature

Your brand had some conference in Europe, or you arranged a charity function in Paris, add location while posting pictures on your account.  By doing so, people will know a little more about you. And if they are planning to visit the place, they would take reference from your posts and follow you.  You can also create your own geotag and create content around it. 

Enter into a Paid partnership with Instagram Influencers

Last but not the least, collaborations with famous, popular, and well-known bloggers and influencers will expand your brand reach. However, make sure you collaborate with influencers who share the same interests or topics; only then their engaged audience will follow you.  The paid partnership is a win-win situation for both brands and influencers. As influencers will get money for every post they share, brands will get to increase Instagram followers organically.

Ending Notes

As we come towards the end, it’s important to give credit to few influencer marketing agencies, like Social Sensei, who help small and large-scale businesses gain Instagram followers organically. Collaborate with them, or use these strategies; the choice is yours? So, what have you decided, do share your views with us!

Written by Raul Smith