How can I change Korean air flight?

How do I Change Korean Air Flight Booking Date?


Korean Air is one of the largest carriers of Korea and the number one flying service provider. It covers many international as well as domestic places. They offer many things to their flyer to make their traveling easy and comfortable. 


Flight change is a most common activity that can occur due to countless reasons. For this, Korean air lets its passengers change flights online. It is quite convenient and easy for the passenger to manage their trips. 


Steps To Change the Korean Air Flight Booking Date 


Korean air change flight policy is customer friendly and provides quite flexibility in changing. We have covered it later. First, it is vital to know the steps. 


First of all, go to the Korean Air website 

Click on the manage trips 

Here, you can log in by providing the information, like booking details and last name 

Select the booking which you want to change 

Now, take the arrow on the top of it, select on the “change the booking date” 

You can see the complete new schedule of flights, you can select any one of them 

In this way, you can change the flight. Now, you have to bear the fare difference only. There is a Korean air change flight policy that you have to remember. 

You can change the flight date only when you make changes within 24 hours of purchasing. If you skip this time period, then there will be some additional charges

If you have purchased the ticket to a domestic place, then you might have to bear some charges while changing the date

You can make the changes only when you have purchased the ticket directly from the airlines 

It is a complete and detailed study of Korean Air flight change. If you are not able to do this online, then you can interact with the support team and get the process done. 


Written by Maria