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How Botox and Fillers Can Add Volume to Your Face

We all want to look our best as we age. And Botox is becoming more of a norm than a taboo among celebrities and over-the-counter consumers. As with any product, there are people that swear by it as well as those who are against using it altogether. But like old marketing saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” so while there are staunch opponents and proponents of Botox, one can’t deny the efficacy of its effects in regards to achieving smoother skin, reducing wrinkles, and fine lines.

Fillers are used to smoothing lines and folds on the face which have appeared over time. As we age our faces can be affected by extreme facial movements and gravity. This causes a loss of the elasticity of the skin and thus creates lines and wrinkles as well as an overall loss in radiance to the skin. For example, if you raised your eyebrows for long periods of time or smoked, you may notice flaking skin above the eyes or frown lines around the mouth. Soft tissue fillers can help to soften these areas by adding volume or fill in those sunken areas around the eyes or mouth for a more youthful look. Injections are also used to target other areas such as fine lines around the lips and nose area as well as dark circles under. Get the Best botox treatment in Bangalore.

Botox or fillers use different techniques to add volume to the cheeks and frown lines but they both lead to the same positive results. In our clinic, we see a lot of patients who have tried other methods of rejuvenation such as noninvasive facial exercises, skincare methods (cosmetic procedures for skin laxity are discussed below). While these are all useful treatments, many people want something more permanent now. This is why these younger clients go directly for Botox and dermal fillers. Get Best Dimple Creation in Bangalore.

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