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Technical recruitment isn’t the easiest task, with lots of aspects to consider to make the right choice. It’s even more complex for business owners who aren’t technically sound or don’t understand the technicalities that go into technical recruitment. Moreover, making the right choice for technical recruitment is also of significant importance at times when businesses are looking for an experienced candidate to fill in a specialized position.

The situation looks grim, doesn’t it?

Well, fortunately, there’s a way out…

If you are looking to make the right technical recruitment, you should probably fall back to technical recruitment software. These specialized recruitment platforms are specifically designed to enable businesses to make well-informed and intelligent recruitment decisions. With growing competition amongst businesses to recruit the top talent, more and more companies are using technical recruitment platforms as a mean to thoroughly and efficiently assess the potential of a large number of candidates and choose the best ones that fit in the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set forth by the business. Such technical recruitment platforms aren’t just great to help companies screen through a large number of candidates but also come in handy to lower the cost and increase the efficiency of talent acquisition.

Now, you must be wondering what the best platform for your business is.

Well, if you are a tech business looking to fill in a specialized position at your company, Hiringuru is certainly a top choice for you!

What Is HirinGuru?

When it comes to professional technical recruitment platforms, HirinGuru is right at the top of the list for all the good reasons. The platform has quickly made its way up the ladder as the leader in technical recruitment; thanks to its advanced features and multiple assessment modes. HirinGuru offers businesses with ample features and functionalities being offered to the businesses, it makes it easier and streamline the entire process of technical recruitment for users; right from the sourcing to onboarding and beyond. The platform comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easier and more convenient for businesses to improve the efficiency of the hiring process. By exploiting the massive repository of data, along with robust AI-ML features, enable businesses to make the hiring decisions easier and in line with their KPIs. The data backed recruitment solutions offered by the platform are primarily aimed to streamline the process of hiring for technical positions including, coders, developers, data analysts, and others.

Apart from taking over the hiring requirement for the businesses, the platform also enables HR departments to create advanced recruitment workflow for better sorting of candidates; depending upon various performance, experience, or expertise filters. Thereby, the platform is considered ideal to fill in multiple role-based positions, while not compromising on the quality of the recruitment.

When it comes to the technical hiring features, HirinGuru brings in a diverse assortment of assessment tools and resources, all available to the users at the tip of the finger click. The massive data repository of the platform comprises of huge stock questionnaire well-assorted for different roles. All of the stock questionnaire offered at the platform is specifically designed and developed by industry experts and meant to simplify the process of assessment as per the liking and preference of companies.

Contrarily, if you aren’t into stock assessment criteria, the platform also offers custom assessment options, whereby, businesses are able to create their customized tests to fill in specialist roles or positions. This comes especially handy for businesses that are looking for technical recruitment with specific structured KPIs implemented for the hiring process.

To ensure the quality of the assessment, the platform also enables users to conduct practical assessments, where candidates are given problems imitating real-world projects. This not only helps businesses to assess the core competencies of candidates but also enables them to judge candidates for their problem-solving skills.

HirinGuru Features

As mentioned above, the platform comes with various features and functionalities that are aimed to streamline the technical recruitment process. One primary reason for the massive success and uptake of HirinGuru as the preferred technical recruitment platform is the advanced AI-ML tools, ensuring candidate assessment backed by the data and multiple performance indicators. Some of the features offered by the HirinGuru platform includes;

– Easy Sign-Up

When we talk about streamline experience, there is no space for redundant processes, right? Well, that’s exactly what you can experience with HirinGuru. The platform doesn’t take forever to register users, rather you can simply signup to the platform using your Email or Facebook account.

Even if you are looking to register with the platform, there’s a single step registration process that makes it convenient and simple for businesses to get started immediately with the various features offered by the platform.

– Stocked Question Bank

Are you looking to fill in a technical position urgently? Well, this is often the case with tech companies where they need an immediate resource to take up an empty position.

Fortunately, with HirinGuru’s stocked questionnaires you are never far away from making the right technical recruitment decision. The stock questionnaire repository of the platform consists of hundreds and hundreds of expertly created assessment modules for different roles and positions. All of these questionnaires are developed in collaboration with industry experts, to offer the most comprehensive and practical assessment experience.

So, when you choose to assess candidates through stock questionnaires, you not only save time on technical recruitment but also don’t compromise on the quality of your hire.

– Custom Coding Tests

There are always companies looking for customized assessments, and if you are one of them, don’t fret.

That’s because HirinGuru can help you create a completely customized assessment test that fits into the hiring criteria of your business. By using various automated tools and resources offered by the platform, it becomes easier for HR departments to create customized assessment tests for specific positions/roles.

HirinGuru Pricing

The core philosophy behind HirinGuru is to enable businesses of all sizes to make intelligent technical recruitment decisions. Thereby, the platform offers multiple subscription packages, each ideally designed to meet the recruitment and budgetary requirement of businesses of all sizes. Some of the packages offered by the platform include;

1. Pay as you go

This price plan costs $10 for a test attempt.

2. Starter

This price plan costs $240 per month.

3. Business

This price plan costs $500 per month.

Overall Rating

HirinGuru is right at the top of the ladder when it comes to technical recruitment platforms for coding, development, or programming positions.


What do you think?

Written by Syed Sajid Ali


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