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Here Is How You Can Acquire Refurbished Cell Phones To Earn More Revenue

Each year, we witness the launch of so many cell phones in the market. These cell phones are packed with unique features, futuristic designs, and come at an expensive cost. A high-end cell phone can easily cost you $1000, and various editions for flagship devices complicate the matter further.

So, it is not surprising that refurbished cell phones have gained traction over the past few years. But with traction comes skepticism. People usually think that something was wrong with the device, and one should purchase a new device rather than buying a refurbished one.

Despite this, the past few years have projected an uphill curve for the demand for refurbished cell phones. And by 2022, the numbers are expected to grow at a rate of 10%.

So, let’s find out why refurbished cell phones are popular and how you can acquire them to earn more revenue. 

Why Are Refurbished Cell Phones Popular?

Many factors urge people to opt for refurbished cell phones. Here are some reasons behind it.

Cost-Effective Solution

All the latest cell phones come with cutting-edge technology and are priced very high, making them outside the average customer’s reach.

But you will find a genuinely fantastic cell phone at half the price when it comes to the refurbished market. A refurbished cell phone does not play into the ‘fear of missing out’ strategy that flagships devices take advantage of. Refurbished devices are better placed in the market and are affordable once they are refurbished, making them popular among price-conscious people. 

For these reasons, the OnePlus 5T is still popular and is actively being purchased in the market.

High-End Specifications

For customers looking for great technology without paying a hefty price, refurbished devices can be a good option. Most cell phones that are available in the refurbished market are still good in terms of specs. Looking for last year’s flagship devices on the refurbished market is simple, and these devices still have suitable components that keep them up to pace with the current cell phones.

Additionally, you can also receive updates from manufacturers. So whether it’s a security patch or the newest version of the operating system, refurbished devices can take care of it all! And if you are worried about not receiving the updates officially on Android, you can use custom firmware such as Lineage OS that extends the life of the software.

How To Get Used Or Refurbished Cell Phones?

As refurbished cell phones generate good business, you need to learn how to acquire and sell them. But before doing that, make sure your repair store software has the refurbishment module. 

Getting used or refurbished cell phones is not that hard. There are only a few things you should consider before adding them to your repair shop inventory.

  1. Get The IMEI Number

The IMEI number is a unique code cell phones possess. It proves the device’s identity and makes it easier for people to find the device around the globe. Remember, IMEI numbers are not supposed to be the same for any 2 devices, so it’s essential to ask for the IMEI number of each device.

Hence, with the IMEI number, you will identify whether the device is legitimate or not. And it will allow you to cross-check the details of the device you are getting, so make sure you ask for the IMEI number.

  1. Find Out Whether The Device Is Under Financing Or Paid Off

Once you have made sure that the device is legit, you need to inquire whether it’s paid off or is still under the financing contract. It is essential because it will let you know whether you have to deal with undue liabilities or not.

Preferably, it would be good if you get a refurbished device that is completely paid off. That’s what your aim should be. If the device is still under financing, you can inquire about how much of the financing is due, and then you can decide at your discretion whether to reject or accept the cell phone.

  1. Make Sure The Device Is Not Reported Stolen Or Lost

This is a step that should not be forgotten. Always ensure that your cell phone is not claimed under ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ before you seal the deal. You can ask the seller and then double-check with the carrier to ensure that you are not being involved in illegal activities.

Cell phones stolen and then pawned off under the disguise of refurbished can be a real problem for your repair business. Always make sure you protect your investment and don’t take upon any liabilities.

  1. Check Whether The Device Has Been Reset To Factory Settings

When dealing with an already used device, you’re going to come across data already programmed into it. Apps, settings, iCloud access – everything is personalized and needs to be removed before you decide to purchase it.

Remember to ask your dealers/vendors to remove all the data from the device and reset to factory settings. It saves you from a load of trouble, and you won’t end up dealing with a lousy sale later on.

Pro-Tip: Be extremely careful with iPhones. They are usually linked to a single iCloud account and associated with it with no option unless it is deactivated first.

  1. Get Refurbishing

Once you have purchased devices, you can work on those devices yourself before you return them to the market. In addition, as a repair shop, you will have multiple tools to fix the machine.

Opening and fixing cell phones that have already been used is cost-effective if you purchase already refurbished cell phones. You can also make sure that refurbished cell phones should be opened and inspected to see whether it has been properly serviced.

You can track refurbished devices with your point of sale and update the status of the device that has been refurbished or needs refurbishment.


Refurbished cell phones are an excellent way to boost your cell phone repair business. It provides good value and is convenient to procure from extensive services like eBay, Swappa, or Amazon. Once you get them, you can work on the devices yourself and sell them at reasonable prices. It will help you earn more and attract more customers if your refurbishment is good.

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