Helping Guide For Developing Writing Skills In Preschoolers

Writing is an important part of our daily lives. It is an activity involving multiple senses. The child has to focus on the language, grammar and then combine it with the physical aspect of writing or typing. Developing good writing skills in preschoolers demands ample practice and exposure to the language. The academy in Corpus Christi Texas gives a head start to preschoolers that can help your child develop their writing skills at an early age.

We have curated this simple helping guide for developing writing skills in pre-schoolers:

Why is writing important?

We need writing skills at various stages in our lives. It is linked with critical thinking and has a strong implication for performance across several aspects of the school curriculum. It helps tutors to know what the child knows and what he/she has learned. During school years, they will need writing skills to write exams and do school homework. For ages, it is considered an important medium of communication and expression of emotions.

What is the pre-school development that leads to writing?

Christian pre-schools in Corpus Christi TX ensure the development of fundamental writing skills in your child. Children learn to write letters, words, and their names independently. They also learn how to make certain pencil strokes that assist in writing letters and numbers. To achieve this goal, they must learn how to hold a pencil, draw, color, write and copy. This is how children develop their pre-writing skills

  • Building hand muscles
  • Copying and Recognizing Shapes
  • Creating different shapes
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Identifying what letter and words represent

Besides this, pre-schools aid in developing many crucial skills in your child. To know more, click here.

How to develop writing skills in preschoolers?

Some kids tend to grasp these skills quickly, while some lag behind. Each individual has their unique pace and the ones who tend to master any of these skills slowly are late bloomers in that area. This does not signal any underlying problems; the child can master the skills through independent practice. Underdevelopment of these skills can often have long-term impacts on writing legibility and stamina.

Children’s ability to form letters and shapes will be impacted by their age and level of development. Contextual learning is the key to teaching preschoolers. For instance, it is noted that children are more excited to master the shapes of letters in their name more than the other letters of the alphabet.

The writing activities must be fun, playful, and enjoyable to captivate the child’s attention. Many private schools in Corpus Christi use salt/sand/flour trays, where the child can draw with their fingers. This can also be replaced with gel bags. When the child is encouraged to write or draw using their fingers, the sensory neurons are activated, sending a strong signal to the brain. It leads to a great deal of physical and mental development.

As the child gets older, the writing tools need to be changed. Instead of fingers, ask them to use a watercolor brush or the end of a pencil to create strokes or shapes. This can help improve their grip, making it easier to hold a pencil. Every tool helps achieve a different development milestone; developing hand muscles, improving coordination, etc.

If you don’t have these tools, make them practice on the carpet, grass, tabletop, or velvet. The result may not be visible, but the practice is worth it.

A few more ways to develop writing skills:

  • Manipulating small toys
  • Making shapes and letters with play dough
  • Cutting shapes with scissors
  • Finger painting
  • Scooping and pouring sand

At home too parents can add their bit by trying to improve writing skills by asking their child to print their first name on their books, toys, and belongings. They can also create a writing box full of pencils, crayons, and chalk that the child can decorate and have access to. Parents can ask them to create a pretend menu by using cut-outs from newspapers and magazines. If you want more art ideas to have fun with your little one, click here. Remember! Patience is the key when you are dealing with preschoolers.


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Written by Steven