Health and Fitness App Development: Helping Healthcare Industry Excel

Health and fitness apps development is creating a buzz around the world. The smartphone in everyone’s hands has become the solution to a plethora of issues. Be it connecting with relatives or consulting a doctor; everything is just a click away. The inclination towards mobile apps has inspired the healthcare sectors to develop health and fitness app.  

Stats say, there are over 318,000 health care apps available worldwide. Today most individuals are hooked with their smartphones; it would be a better idea to guide them about their health using the same.   

study also suggested that the mHealth market revenue of the year 2020 is expecting to grow by $31 billion from $10 billion.  

Today the world’s leading brands are investing in developing Health and Fitness App and are adopting a future trend. You, too, can join the bandwagon to gain profits by approaching one of the best health and fitness app development company.  

 What are the types of health and fitness apps?  

There are four types of health and fitness apps. Being in the healthcare industry, you can have the following apps:  

  • Yoga and meditation  

  • Fitness tracking  

  • Physical workout and exercise  

  • Diet & Nutrition Monitor  

Wondering how are they helping?  

Let’s see.  

 Yoga and meditation app   

Yoga and meditation apps will guide the user on how to perform various asana and pranayama. As many a time, users end up doing wrong postures, which negatively impact their health. Hence, ‘how-to’ videos will instruct the right way to perform yoga.   

Fitness tracking app   

Fitness tracking apps help track any physical activities performed by an individual like running, jogging, walking, cycling, and swimming. The smartphone’s motion sensor tracks every action performed by the user and provides accurate data about the distance covered, calories burnt, etc. while jogging, walking, and so on.    

Even users can set a personal fitness regime.   

Physical workout and exercise apps    

Physical workout and exercise apps work great for those users who aren’t able to hit the gym. You can better call it a gym trainer. Such apps are feature-rich and are designed to serve a purpose similar to a gym instructor. One can entirely rely on such health apps for better results.   

Diet & Nutrition Monitor apps   

As the name suggests, it guides the user as a personal dietician. Such apps monitor water intake, nutrition level, calorie counter, and recommend a balanced diet and nutrition chart.   

All in all, it can restrict users from having an unhealthy diet.    

What are the benefits of using mobile healthcare apps in the Healthcare business? 

Following are the benefits any healthcare business can expect from the mobile healthcare apps:  

1. Facilitates Optimum Care  

Mobile healthcare apps can provide better treatment to the patients as they can access various care tools to enhance the treatment quality. The app will be available 24×7 and has no time and place restrictions.    

2. Provides Immediate Access  

Doctors can offer an online appointment to the patients. Even one can check on the patient’s health conditions and, if needed, can quickly provide immediate advice. A mobile healthcare app will ease the communication process between patients and doctors. In case of an emergency, the doctor will be notified. Also, every detail of the patient’s health will be sent to him/her.  

Provided they download your mobile app and create their account.  

3. Improved Coordination  

With a customized mobile app, you don’t have to be physically present to share any information or coordinate with your staff members of different departments. Any upcoming appointments will be notified to both the doctor and patient.     

Such apps can even notify your nurses and other staff members about updating the patient’s ongoing treatment and reminding them if any medications are due.  

4. Excellent branding opportunity  

A healthcare app can help doctors reach a massive group of people in almost every possible way via pushing notifications and giving access to website links, email ID, and contact details. You can also use technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT to enhance brands’ presence further.  

Let’s collaborate  

Your patients are open to adopting technologies that can improve their self-care process. It’s the right time to make the most of available technologies and give your patients a satisfactory experience. 

If you have an intention to develop a health and fitness app, then we can help. Panacea Infotech can create a customized app for your business to help you stand out from your competition.   

Contact us to get your customized health and fitness app ASAP.  


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Written by Vivek Singh


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