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Guide to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 60.02.

It appears that the spring which holds the lifter motor upright was designed without enough tension on it.


If the spring is removed and the motor assembly is allowed to fall to the right when the paper tray is inserted the motor never engages the tray and an HP Printer Error Code 60.02 appears. Follow the below steps to fix the Error:


Causes of HP Printer Error Code 60.02


HP Error 60.02 message indicates that the tray due to some reasons could not appropriately lift and the paper sensor was not put into action in the stipulated period. When this transpires, the user at a first go will hear a loud crunching or cracking sound which is further followed by the 60.2 Error message.


HP Printer Error Code 60.02 tray lift error is generally instigated by incorrect paper loading. When the paper is inserted, the bottom sheet may perhaps get folded up between the front of the tray and the paper inserted into the tray. This can result in the binding of the tray while lifting the paper.


Methods that Fix HP Printer Error Code 60.02 Instantly.

Method 1:

  • The first step is to take out the sheets you have inserted and re-insert the tray. Now, if the printer lifts and displays the message that it is out of paper, then confirm whether the back paper is correctly aligned or not. Once you correct the alignment, insert the paper again and try again. This should solve your problem but if the error persists, then remove the right side cover of the printer and take a good look at the paper tray lift motor.
  • If you observe, you would be able to see the spring that is attached to a portion of a metal frame right on top of the motor. The chances are, the spring has broken down which in turn led to the error 60.02 because of the malfunctioning of the motor assembly and thus malfunctioning of the gear located on the tray. Remove the spring, fold one of the coils present, and try to re-insert the same.
  • In case, the spring is attached, then try a new tray or a lift motor both of which are easily available in the market at an affordable price.
  • Check the position of the printer if you are still getting these messages because there is a possibility that your printer is placed on an uneven surface and therefore, the tray is unable to lift correctly.
  • You can insert a small spacer to the right side of the paper tray so that the tray can properly fit in the printer and thus you can avoid all that noise and fix the HP printer error Code. 

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Method 2:

Well, if all these measures fail, then there is the only solution left for you, and that is contacting customer care. HP has an excellent team of highly qualified professionals who will thoroughly diagnose your problem and then provide you with the necessary service. They have multiple phone lines, and also they respond to your email query quite quickly so you won’t have to worry about that.


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