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Gojek Clone Philippines

Gojek Clone App entered the On-Demand Service Industry like a Thunderclap that had left the entire world Stunned and Spellbound. It amassed its Customer Base at an astronomical speed and with Sales Skyrocketing, this App became a house-hold name across continents at the bat of an eyelid! It went on to acquire the largest Market Share of the On-Demand Service Industry and since then it is enjoying the Monopoly over this Sector!

Start & Grow Your App-based Business Using Gojek Clone in the Philippines


It offers 70+ On-Demand Services online through one single platform wherein Millions of Users login each day to shop till they reach their Credit Card Limits. To name only a handful of them, Taxi Ride Booking, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, Classic Car Wash, Beauticians On-Demand, Doorstep Delivery of Medicines, Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, and Personal Academic Tutors!


Because of its Money-Minting Business Models. Let’s have a quick glance at it!

  • Commission Based Business Model

The App Owner earns Commission on every Single Order or Service Rendered through the App. The Service Providers are legally bound to pay a certain percentage of the Money earned per order as Commission to the App Owner. These Commission Rates differ based on the genre of the Service rendered. And the App Owner is the sole authority that can decide these Rates.

  • Subscription Plans

The Service Provider makes a One-Time Payment and buys a Subscription Plan from the App Owner. These Subscription Plans are of a Month, Two Months, Three Months, Half-Yearly and Yearly and it all comes with a Specific Expiration Date. Once the Plan is active, the Service Provider can kiss goodbye to paying Commissions per Order and render Services to as many Customers as one possibly can! However, once the Plan Expires, the Service Provider can no longer accept Service/Ride Requests.


There are only two ways to go about it! I want to dig in deeper to unearth the potentials of both of these Options!

  • Build this Super App from Ground Up

If you want to code and design every inch of this App yourself, then don’t live under the illusion that you’d be able to single-handedly Code the Entire App in 2-3 years! You need an Entire Team of Adept Professionals. They will help you code the essential App Development Components such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel.

  • Who are these Experts you need who have Field Experience in abundance?

They are Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Database Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager.

  • Why would it take 7-8 years to make this App ready for Launch?

Now that you are blessed with a Highly-Proficient Team of Experts, you think you’d be able to code this App in barely six months? No, I have to poke that Bubble of Unrealistic Standards! Your team will need at least 4-5 years to first get the working model of the Prototype ready. This is achievable only when your team is giving their heart and soul to the task at hand. 

Then add to this couple of more years in Perfecting this App and making it Flawless without Bugs! Now, at the 7th year of the Project, you feel your App is ready for Launch but wait until you get it Beta-Tested for at least six months! And after that your App will undergo intense thorough Philippines Market-Testing for close to a year.

And then, yes you can go ahead and Launch your App on the App Stores post Approval!

  • But why is it going to burn a hole in my Wallet?

Creating this App from scratch in Philippines will cost you at least a Quarter of a Million Dollars! How come?

When you hire a highly experienced Manpower, you have got to write Big-Fat Six-Figure Cheques for them every month for at least 7-8 years. You have to also contribute to their Provident Funds, reward them with Financial and Medical Incentives on outstanding Performance at Work.

Then comes the Infrastructural Costs! The Cost of renting an Office Premise, having a centralised Air-Conditioning System and a Pantry serving Tea and Coffee round the clock – all for the comfort of the employees! Paying monthly Electricity Bills, Municipality Tax and Annual Maintenance Fee to the Builder!

Subscription Costs of Software and Hardware!

  • Buy a Pre-built App 

Or instead have a hassle-free experience by buying a ready-made App from a Licensed White-Labelling Firm of Global Repute ! And launch your very own Fully-Customized On Demand Multi Service App in a record 7 days! That’s it, you don’t have to wait for 7 years to launch your App! You can invest that time in ideating and executing marketing strategies to help expand your Brand.

And what you’d be paying to buy this Pre-Built App will be peanuts compared to the Gigantic figure of US $250,000! 


Gojek Clone App is the Entrepreneurial Idea that Smart Entrepreneurs like you should be focussing on to amass Infinite Profits with bare minimum investment. Do you want to make easy and quick money? Have you always aspired to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Then Contact us right now and go live with your very own App like Gojek within a weeks’ time!  After-Sales Support is Phenomenal. They will provide you 1 Year Free Bug Support for the Bugs that may show up in their code and free annual upgrades according to the Package you have chosen.

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