Going to non covid care safe now?

This is very important for people to be cautious. People should only go to the hospital if there is an emergency like an accident, pregnancy other than these health problems. If you want to go to the hospital now for other problems, it will be a risk because in the hospital there will be more crowds and you have to wait to meet the doctor for hours. So you may get the contagious disease from others. It is like you are risking your health.

Instead, you can find Your Health Problem At Earlier Stage On Online Doctor Consultation mobile app called second opinion

If you have any symptoms of disease or skin problems, diabetes, and many other health issues, you can make video calls through the 

Second Opinion app. And select the expert doctor in which you want for your health problems and get the best suggestion and prescription from the well-experienced doctors, and you can stop the disease at the earlier stage.

Even if an emergency at night, you can talk to prime doctors and follow the remedies to cure your problems. Be safe by staying home and use this app at any time and ask any questions to the doctors.