GoGet Clone Multi-Service App

We often have faced this situation where you are out of resources, what you do? You immediately call the hiring agencies and get things running. But, this is a time-taking process and will require immense follow-up to get the right staff on-board. What if this can be done with a few clicks on your smartphone? GoGet clone app is part-timers on-demand platform connecting you with skilled part-timers.

What Is GoGet Clone App?

It is a multiple service on-demand app platform connecting verified part-timers with the users who require:

  • Event crew
  • Waiters/servers
  • Catering help
  • Operations staff
  • Promoters /Marketing staff
  • Dispatchers, etc.

Reasons Why GoGet Clone App Is Next Big Thing In On-demand Industry

Verified Part-timers

The GoGet clone app is built on a part-timers community that is undergone rigorous background checks and verified. Thus, users can rest assure that they are appointing trusted staff members/crew to accomplish their tasks. These skilled part-timers are trained in their specific field with great customer care credentials that they take pride in.

It is a pay as you go, model

This part-timers on-demand app is cost-effective to the users. They can avail of the on-demand services when they want this, they only have to pay when they hire the part-timers. The users can hire when they need the staff and pay for that particular time when they are hired. Thus, it is a huge cost saver app offering resources on the go.

Quick service

When you put out the request on the app, it matches your criteria in minutes connecting you with the verified part-timers suiting your quote and service requirements. Once you book the service and make the payment, the resource arrives on time at the scheduled date.

Real-time tracking

The user gets to track the resource on real-time basis as well as through notifications. It lets you know the estimated time when the service crew is arriving, etc.

All these attributes make the GoGet clone app, popular on-demand multiple service provider. The app has all the potential elements that can take your business to the next level. For this reason, today many startups and established businesses are showing interest to venture into this on-demand multiple service market.

Multiple Services Offered By GoGet Clone App

  • Event crew service
  • Waiters and servers
  • Movers
  • Event crew
  • Food/shopping service
  • Dispatch services
  • Floor operational staff
  • Manning the booth services
  • Packers services
  • Cheque deposit service
  • Running errands service

How Does GoGet Clone App Works?

  • The app lets you register login through your social media account.
  • Once you are done with the login procedure, you are shown the list of verified categories along with their detailed info, quote, ratings, and work history.
  • The user requires filling in the details, it allows placing multiple service requests. The app matches the criteria by sending the list of part-times from the nearby location
  • After choosing the services/resources the user can confirm the bookings by making a payment.
  • The users can track the service delivery personnel on a real-time basis
  • The professional arrives as said at the desired location and time to accomplish the task
  • Once the task is completed, it notifies the user of the same
  • The user is asked to provide the ratings/feedback
  • Summary of an invoice is generated

Unique Attributes That Your GoGet Clone App Should Have

When you are out to buy a GoGet clone app, make sure that the app development company is offering the below-mentioned in your part-timer’s on-demand app:

  • Responsive website
  • Interactive admin panel
  • Native iOS and Android Panel for respective Driver, Service providers, stores, restaurants, users to place and take orders in real-time
  • Individual panel for driver, users, service providers to manage their profiles
  • White-label solution
  • Licensed source code


Building on demand multi service app is no more time-consuming and stressful compared to developing an original app right from the scratch. The advent of the clone apps has eliminated the added cost and time that it used to. The mobile app developers have the clone script ready, all you need to do is get the live demo on both the platform and make the purchase. However, make sure it is a white-label licensed source-code scalable script so that the app takes care of your future business enhancements.