Getting An Instant Cash Loan: How To Do It

There are certain times in life when you wish you had a large stash of money hidden away somewhere. Every time you wished to buy something expensive, or pay for a foreign trip, or even do a small home remodel, you counted your savings and deferred the decision to make the purchase because you didn’t have the required funds. Then there were times when medical or other financial emergencies came calling, and you scrambled to get money and finally borrowed from friends and relatives.

The next time you face any of the above situations, take a deep breath and apply for a personal loan on a good loan app using your smartphone. It’s fast, simple and convenient – and it is a better alternative to approaching your bank with your requirements.

Loan apps are quick and safe

You might be wary of using instant loan apps, because you don’t know who  you are dealing with and whether taking an instant cash loan from an app might get you in any kind of trouble. You need not worry  about these things if you use a leading loan app that fronts an RBI-registered NBFC. Please steer clear of apps that have a low rating on the Google Play Store, or whose credentials are suspect in any way.

There are many advantages of applying for quick loans on apps, such as:

Minimal documentation

Easy and fully digital application process

Quick approval and disbursal

Easy repayment process

Relatively shorter tenures so you become debt-free quicker

How to apply for the instant cash loan

Download the loan app on your smartphone. Set it up as directed (input the OTP sent on your phone, followed by your email ID and bank details.

Get all the information you need about the personal loan. Check your eligibility, interest rates being offered, processing fees, documents list, application and approval process, repayment terms, etc.

Once you have all the information you need, you can apply for the quick loan on the app. Get the required set of documents ready and self-attested for upload, followed by a selfie or close up photograph from your phone’s gallery.

Upload your documents as directed and wait for the app to confirm the submission. Once confirmed, you must await the app’s approval.

The app verifies your credit score and information. If everything is found correct, your application is approved. Else, it is rejected. The app informs you of either at once.

Once approved, you can expect the loan amount to be disbursed to your savings account in a few minutes. You can immediately withdraw the money and use it for your requirement.


A loan app secures a personal loan faster than a bank does, and with no hassle or long winded documentation processes, either.


Written by Dilip Singh

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