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We know that you people are looking for a free VPN for PUBG so you are landed on the right page to know about the free VPN for PUBG in India, as you go through you get to know about PUBG and why we are using VPN to access PUBG in India.


The PUBG Mobile is a very addictive battle royale game among youngsters in India it provides a real sensation like you are playing the game in real-world and provides options to increase your rank among the players who are playing throughout the world and generates a competitive feeling among the players.    

List of free VPN for PUBG

The main list comes out to be known as free VPN for PUBG are:

There are three VPNs that will do the job


    • Express VPN: The best VPN available in the market to play PUBG in India is the Express VPN. It provides about 86mbps speed on a 100mbps connection. It comes with a 7-day free trial. It has more than 3000+ servers including 2 servers in India one in Mumbai and another in Chennai.
  • Surfshark VPN: The best budget-friendly VPN for playing PUBG in India with very low pricing and also provides surfshark promo code to reduce the cost further. It also provides the best ping while playing PUBG. It offers more than 3200+ servers. It comes with a 7-day free trial. 


  • Nord VPN: It is also one of the most reliable VPN to use to play PUBG in India. It provides great speed at a reasonable piece. It offers 4200+ servers throughout the world and also provides the nordvpn 3 year deal plan. 

Which free VPN is best for PUBG in India?

Now people want to play their favorite game but it is not available for them after the ban so some YouTubers also lost their daily views, as they stream PUBG Mobile on youtube and generate income, so people started to find an alternative to that and ways to play PUBG Mobile in India. 


The Best Free VPN for PUBG in India are:


  • Surfshark VPN:  This VPN first of all provides free access to the user to enjoy their favorite game PUBG Mobile in India as it is banned in India. It provides very low ping like about 40+ for smooth transition within the game.


  • Express VPN: The express VPN is the other best free VPN for PUBG in India. It also provides great speed while playing PUBG, it provides a ping of about 50+ during gameplay. It is the best vpn for discord in 2022 it let us very good connection during team conversation on discord

As we all know VPNs are also used for different purposes like for privacy on Instagram the VPN let us to delete all the messages on instagram and is also helpful for surfing Online about restricted topics in a country.

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