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Fix the Norton error and Keep your device safe

Norton antivirus is the topmost security program that provides lots of advanced features to protect your device. You can install the Norton setup on PCs and phone devices. Using this program on the system ensures that you are secured from various dangers. When you have lots of devices then go for the Norton antivirus multi-license plan. You can install your Norton on all devices with one multi-license subscription. But when you are facing errors while using Norton antivirus then fix it. Your antivirus can protect the device when it is working correctly. Whenever your Norton antivirus shows any error message; resolve it.

 Norton antivirus not installing

When the user gets the installation error, he should check the setup. Many times, the user is trying to install the incompatible Norton setup on the system. When you have installed a new Norton program and it is not compatible then cancel the subscription and get the compatible setup. Check the processor, RAM, and OS of your system. Now open the web and search for a compatible Norton antivirus setup. Install the setup and now you can scan the device to remove threats. Some people face installation errors when they are transferring the license. While transferring your Norton license, check the platforms. You can transfer the Norton license on the same platforms only. The user will get the error code when he tries to transfer the Norton Windows license to Mac. You can transfer the license from one platform to another when you have a multi-license subscription.


Norton antivirus error code 8504

Norton antivirus error message occurs when another program is corrupting your Norton antivirus setup. People mostly get this error code when they are running another program. Malicious program runs and conflicts with your Norton antivirus. Open your device and remove the malicious program. These conflicting programs are using your resources. Remove the conflicting software from your computer and now scan it with Norton antivirus. If you are getting an error code while scanning the device then run Norton autofix 8504. The Norton auto fix is a utility tool that inspects corrupted Norton files and repairs them immediately.


Norton antivirus not opening

The user faces the not opening error when you have deleted a few program files mistakenly. Open your Norton setup and inspect for your missing files. Finding or repairing the missing files is difficult. You can directly reinstall the setup. Go to the device and the corrupted Norton antivirus setup. Remove the setup from the system and now search for the new setup. Install a new Norton antivirus setup on the device. Your Norton also shows this error when the hard disk space on the system is very low. When the system is dealing with low space; only system programs run. Other programs stop working. Increase the free space on your device. Get an SSD for your device or transfer your data to an external hard disk and free the space. Now all your programs will start running.


Norton error code 421

Norton error 421 appears on the screen when its registry files are not working. Without registry files, your Norton antivirus won’t work. You have to repair all these registry files to run Norton’s antivirus. Go to your device and now open the command screen. Type Regedit; go to the registry editor. Check for all the Norton antivirus keys on the registry editor. Copy these registry keys and save them with .reg. Now edit those files correctly. In case, the user can’t edit the Norton files then he can ask for professional help. Don’t edit other files as it may get you into other errors.


Norton antivirus is not scanning

When you can open your Norton antivirus dashboard but are unable to scan then check for other security programs. People get this issue when they have installed two security programs on the system. Users can’t use the same function on both security programs. You have to uninstall another antivirus program. Go to its setup and uninstall it. Open C Drive and delete all the related files and folders. Restart the system for applying new changes to the system. Now, open Norton antivirus and try to run the full scan. Also, check for new updates. Install the latest update of your Norton setup to protect the system from new threats.

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