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(Fix 2021) Few simple process to cancel security application subscription

This content will show you how to cancel your avast subscription on PC, Mac, and Android. For the best solution, read the entire post and follow all the steps if necessary.

Are you using Avast antivirus? Avast antivirus is a popular and trusted choice for all computers users. You can create a new Gmail account if you have an Avast account but it is not linked to your email address.

Some people wish to cancel their subscription after using Avast anti-malware for a number of years, months, or a free trial. We will be discussing how to cancel your avast subscription in this blog content. Avast representatives already offered many options to cancel a subscription. Let’s look at all the ways to unsubscribe from Avast.

You can choose to subscribe to avast for either a paid or free account. You can access the pro version of avast with more protection options and it is very easy to use. The problem is that they accept debit and credit cards to subscribe and renew subscriptions.

They have an auto-renewal program, which will save your card information and automatically debit money from your account when it comes time to renew. How do I cancel my Avast subscription? Please read the entire blog.

You can cancel your subscription via the Avast Customer Portal

Only if your order was distributed via Digital River or Nexway, you can cancel your subscription through the Avast Customer Portal. Here are the steps to cancel your Avast subscription via the customer portal and also, claim the refund back in your account.

  • Open the confirmation email you have received from no.reply@avast.com.
  • You can view the Order ID and Password after opening this email.
  • Click the link to open the avast Customer Portal.
  • Log in here with an Older password and id.
  • Locate the subscription section and click on the Unsubscribe option.
  • Click on the button to confirm that you have selected Unsubscribe from future Renewals.
  • Click on the “Got it” button.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the avast staff after you have completed this step. Now your subscription has been canceled.

You can no longer access their premium feature. To use avast’s all again, renew your latest subscription.

How to cancel your Avast subscription through Avast Support

It is a very simple process to cancel your avast subscription. Follow the steps in this section.

  • After completing a purchase, you will receive an email confirmation containing your Order ID.
  • You can visit the Avast Support System or click on the Request Help link provided below.
  • https://support.avast.com/contact/sales_autorenewal/
  • Fill in all information required and click on submit.
  • This will allow Avast Support to contact you to confirm that your cancellation request was processed.

Cancel subscription via You Avast Account

This is the easiest way to cancel your avast subscription. This can be done in just two steps.

  • Log in with an older email address to open the software or official site.
  • Select the Subscription tile, and then click on the Unsubscribe button.

How do I cancel my avast trial free of charge?

There are no rules or regulations regarding cancelling the avast trial. You can cancel your free trial by uninstalling the software from your computer. This is the easiest way to cancel a free trial.

Disable auto-renewal for digital rivers website

This method is for you if you purchased your Avast subscription via Digital River. This method is not available if you purchased your avast subscription from the official website. Let’s look at how to cancel an avast subscription with Digital River. Follow this link to learn how to cancel an Avast subscription using Digital River

  • Register using an Older number or Passwords.
  • Click on Manage Subscription after visiting the Digital River website.
  • This is where you will find the Automatic renewals option. To cancel or unsubscribe, turn it off.
  • You will now see a pop-up message that allows you to cancel your subscription.
  • Click to confirm that your Autorenewal has been disabled.

How do I apply for an Avast Refund request?

Yes, avast offers a refund option. Request a refund from avast. You can reach the customer service team within 30 calendar days if you are an existing customer. You have 60 days to request a refund if you are a brand new customer. An avast refund request can be made by calling or email.

How to cancel Avast subscriptions on Computer

You probably already know that the automatic avast renewal process is in effect. They have the option of a refund. We will be discussing how to cancel avast renewal on PC.

There are no additional methods to cancel your avast subscription via computer. All methods were discussed before. These pieces of information can be used to cancel your avast subscription. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a computer.

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