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Potable Drinking Water

It is believed life first started in water and then gradually evolved to sustain on land. But all living organisms still need water to survive. And for human beings, mere water is not enough, but potable water is required to survive and maintain overall health.

You think COVID19 is the only pandemic you have faced. Search the history and one will find many epidemic outbreaks of water-related diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and rotavirus, especially in children.

A lack of hygienic potable drinking water could prove fatal. And in the 21st century with unavoidable water pollution, access to purified drinking water is a daunting task.

Bisleri mineral water suppliers near your home can make this possible to have access to purified and healthy drinking water matching the defined standards of potable water in the country.

What is the Need for Water Supplier?

One cannot deny the importance of safe drinking water to maintain the overall well-being of a person. And one could always argue the many methods available to purify water at home like boiling, filtration, bleach, or RO-UV systems. Then why does one need a water supplier for this purpose?

Let us look at the below-mentioned points to answer the question

● Boiling could kill germs and bacteria present in water but cannot get rid of dissolved or suspended impurities.

Plus it requires a lot of fuel and time to boil water for the entire family that could

last for a day.

● Filtration works only on suspended impurities, not on the dissolved particulates.

● Bleach can be harmful to one’s health and lead to long term side effects.

● Aqua-guards or RO-UV filters are fine, but given the amount of water discarded by the setup, it is actually leading to wastage of drinking water.

● Plus water at some places is so hard that these setups are not efficient and even cannot function well to provide you with safe drinking water.

● Many methods are not up to the mark to achieve the desired potable water standards in terms of color, pH, TDS, etc.

● Bisleri mineral water is tested and approved by FSSAI for the standard and water quality as per the defined water quality standards.

So the easiest and simplest way to access safe drinking water is to have a water supplier nearby. Bisleri mineral water is delivered right at your doorstep.

Bisleri Mineral Water Supplier Near Your Home

Bisleri offers Bisleri@Doorstep delivery services to make healthy drinking water accessible to your home. The following features of the delivery service make Bisleri water supplier nearby the right choice to make

● Online order placement: One can easily place an order online at the Bisleri@Doorstep and the water is ensured to reach your doorstep within the stipulated time.

● Verified water supplier chain: Bisleri has verified water suppliers at various places to ensure the safe and original product reaches your doorstep.

● Tested and approved water quality: The water quality standards are met by Bisleri water for all the defined parameters. It is FSSAI approved for its quality. Vigorous testing and multiple testing steps ensure high water quality.

● Loyalty discounts: for regular customers and subscribers Bisleri delivery services have tempting discounts to offer.

● Bonus: Many discounts and huge bonuses are announced for the customers time to time.

Bisleri Water Supplier Chain: Water Supplier Near Me

Following points about Bisleri@Doorstep water delivery service are worth mentioning

● Water suppliers are currently operational in some selected cities.

● Mineral water is available in a pack of 250 ml, 300 ml, 500ml, 1 l, 2 l, 5 l, 20 l.

● The product would be delivered subject to availability.

● Retailers or DTH partners are responsible for the delivery of the product within 24 hours of the receipt of the order.

● The product may be replaced but cannot be returned.

● The product would be sold on MRP unless and otherwise mentioned of any special discount offered.

● Money shall be deposited in advance for the jar which one should return with cap to the water supplier.

● Payment mode could be online through various channels. Cash on Delivery (COD) is also available.

Now, one can taste the pure and hygienic drinking water right at their home, that too, without any effort and wastage. Cheers to the water suppliers in your area.


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Written by Amrina Alshaikh


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