FFXIV: Professional Guide for the White Mage

White Mage is the original healer in Final Fantasy XIV. It has existed before scholars and astronomers, and most players still think it is the best therapist. But this is not a difficult class, and it is very friendly for beginners, even though it was called “Magician” in the early days.

If this is your first contact with rehabilitation, don’t worry, because many of the contents are easy to understand. It is very different from tanks. If you want to use it, you not only need to consider healing teammates, but also output damage. And try to balance the relationship between the two. Therefore, we also provide some hints in this regard.Using Holy correctlyThe sacred spell can stun nearby enemies for 4 seconds and cause damage to them. But the downside is that this may also cause some damage to your teammates.Therefore, the best way is to use it in biology. At that time, after the tank is under control, make sure to stand in the hands of the mob. Once the battle between tanks stops, stand in the hands of the mob and use the divine.Have been treating or trading DMGWhen there are no casualties in the team to be treated, Master Bai will assist the team to cause certain damage to the enemy, so as to defeat the enemy faster. Therefore, don’t ignore the damage it may cause just because it is the healer.Make sure to cast Regen on the tankWhen it comes to Master Bai, Reagan may first think of it. In 18 seconds, it can slowly heal your teammates. With this in mind, the White Mage usually always casts Regen on the tank. Because tanks need to withstand the huge damage of the team, they need Reagan’s help most.Use regeneration at the right timeRegeneration is an important skill of the White Mage. If you want to maximize its effect, you can seize the right time. If you use this skill on your teammate too early, the enemy will see through the enemy and attack your teammate before the teammate is healed. This is bad.Therefore, before you cast Regen, you need to wait for the tank to successfully resolve all surrounding enemies.Use Swiftcast on improving spellsSwiftcast is a skill that many magic users can use, and its function is to cast spells immediately. Therefore, more consideration should be given to using Swiftcast. For White Mage, using it on Raise is the best choice. Because “improvement” is the best spell, it can quickly rejuvenate your team members and save your team.Although every player has his own strategy, referring to these tips should enable you to get a smooth game experience and make better contributions to the team. 

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