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FAQs For Understanding CBD Ratios And Dosing

Most of you might know about the cannabinoid CBD and that all of our CBD products are sourced from cannabis. This means all the CBD products may contain THC in varying amounts- even if it is minute. You may see some product descriptions or titles that contain ratios like 1:1, 10:1, or the highest quality 20:1 CBD tincture. Confused? You are not alone!

The first step is to understand that these ratios stand for CBD to THC (or CBD: THC). For instance, a 20:1 ratio doesn’t necessarily mean that there are 20 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC per serving, but that for every 20 parts CBD proportionally, there is 1 part THC. in order to clear up confusion, we’ve gathered a list of some frequently asked questions.

Let’s take a look at them and clear up the confusion!

How to figure out the correct ratio of CBD to THC?

As everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system, there’s no actual “correct” ratio that is consistent to determine our needs. As with many cannabis-related things, figuring out your best ratio might require some research and experimentation.

Note* If you’re concerned about intoxicating effects, it is often best to start with a ratio rich in CBD and take smaller servings. You can always increase serving size or try a different ratio if you’re not getting the desired effects!

To refresh your memory, most individuals may require at least 2-3mg THC each serving to feel intoxicated. While the exact quantity will vary from person to person, this might be a decent starting point.

Will you eventually build up a tolerance?

Any type of cannabinoid consumer may be likely to develop a tolerance level. It may be like what other supplements or medications may do. If building up a high tolerance is your concern, you may take short breaks that might help act as a reset button. 

Pro-Tip* Try to maintain homeostasis and balance to cope with things like stress. In return, the tinctures may actually and effectively work when you use them.

What CBD ratios can I take to get work done without getting high?

The entire ratio series might be designed to be functional for everyone who uses it. Therefore, as each individual has their own unique system and tolerance, starting with 20:1 CBD THC tincture or the 10:1 ratio might work. It is for those who might be concerned about the potential impact on their clear-headedness.

Is there any particular reason to take a 20:1 tincture vs a 1:1?

Every person will have individual needs and different desired effects when using CBD and THC in conjunction. The ratio of CBD: THC you select will depend on multiple factors like your metabolism, weight, diet plan, including your own experience with and tolerance to cannabis. A 20:1 CBD THC tincture ratio might be preferable for:

  • Ones with limited cannabis experience
  • Someone who wants to ensure they don’t feel any intoxication
  • A person looking to maximize their CBD intake

Note* If you are taking any medication prescription at present, it would be better to consult your doctors.

That’s it! Always remember to buy from reputed retailers and manufacturers that provide transparent COAs for all their products. Happy Shopping!


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