Fantasy Hockey- Strategy tips

Fantasy hockey is a unique fantasy sport in which the players build a team that is ready to compete with other teams, and the match begins. The main objective of this game is to score goals by shooting hard to the competitor’s goals net. The fantasy hockey games played with proper rules and regulations. Breaking of rules may lead to disqualification and much more.

Here are the fantasy hockey tips that will help you to become an elite hockey player. These are-

1. Research- The first tip is to do your research. It is important to do proper research on the players before playing a game as it will make you familiar with the players that you can steel in drafts. Also, understanding the concept and the format, their rankings, and which player has an outstanding performance, etc. all these statistics would help in choosing the players for the draft. It is advisable to make a list of players and add them to your wish list to not miss the chance of selecting in the draft.

2. Participation in mock drafts- Do not miss the opportunity of participating in mock drafts if you want to prepare for the fantasy hockey season. You will get an idea about the player’s strategy, their performance, and yet help you become an expert in fantasy games. Thus, give a brief idea about how players are being chosen and the people’s choices at large.

3. Importance of goaltending- One must know about the importance of goaltending as it is a must to select an elite goaltender who can deliver quality start. Thus, invest your time and energy in looking for constant performing goaltenders.

4. Draft with a purpose- To get successful in selecting the players, then don’t only rely on selecting the best player but also had a purpose behind a selection. In other words, always have an idea about which player should be chosen before a draft and the positions that you want to fill. These purposes should be well defined, and also, keep track of the people choosing which players and why. This will help in making a good selection decision.

5. Consider injuries- Injuries are most likely to be seen in any sports. It is a must to take a look at the player’s past performances to get an idea about how many matches they have missed because of an injury. If a player is prone to injury then they won’t be capable enough to play the matches. Hockey is considered the most dangerous sport by the players, and hence, one should consider the injuries before any major mishap took place.

Also, get a piece of handy information about the players’ past performances before taking any decision.

6. Importance of Sleepers- Sleepers are crucial in the fantasy hockey game because no one has looked upon their performance. Sometimes, the players from whom we don’t have any hope do miracle on the game spot. It is important to always look for the unknown players that could surprise every audience during the season.

7. Get rid of bias- In every sport, every fan has their favorite players. But a true sports lover could understand how important it is to know the value of the players than doing a bias among the players. Always select the best squad that could beat the competition. To score more points, we initially become selfish and give priority to choose the favorite player than choosing the other player.

8. Monitor your bench- Keep a track on the player’s performances to monitor who is playing well and who doesn’t. It is better to get an idea who can start well during the hockey season and who could be seated next beside the bench. So, this could also be a game-changing point for the players.

9. Get Involvement- Your involvement is a must to succeed in the fantasy sport. You need to monitor the league often and players’ performances to make wise decisions accordingly. Thus, to get successful in fantasy sport always pay attention to the waive-off strategy.

10. Difference between the actual hockey and fantasy hockey- There are times when people are found confused in a real-life hockey game and fantasy hockey. Thus, always remember that fantasy sport is an illusion, and the fantasy player is different from the actual-life hockey player.

11. No loyalty true game spirit- Fantasy hockey is about playing with head and not with your heart. No one likes to lose and show the spirit of carefree against the competition. In the end, only one team will win. It could be you, so don’t give the points to the competitor, after all, it’s a game.

12. Spread the wealth- You need to be versatile and change your game plan according to the situations. The competitors might choose the same strategy but always look beyond what could be expected to remain competitive in the fantasy game.

13. Take some chances or risks- When you are not sure what could be the next? Then take a chance and go ahead is the key to make the game more interesting. No matter how strong your team is, but in the middle, anything could happen. So, sports are made to take risks.

14. Know the league members- It could be possible that if you’re playing a fantasy hockey then, the players involved in the draft may you know them personally. Hence, it will increase the chance of awareness, their performance on the field, their rankings, and do they get bias or not. If they don’t take hockey as personal as you could then, it is a great advantage for you to decide on selection.

Thus, always keep an idea of the player’s performance before indulging them in your team.

To conclude-

When it comes to the best fantasy hockey then, one must focus on the team as a whole. It should follow the rules and principles as could follow in a real-life hockey game.Therefore, these above-mention strategy tips could help a person in becoming an elite hockey player.


Written by Sunil

sunil misrhra is a content writer last two yearssunil misrhra is a content writer last two years