Everything you need to know before buying a serving platter

One of the greatest methods of introducing meal to guests is surprisingly the least difficult: presenting the food high on serving platters. The trick is making sense of what to present, and how. This way one doesn’t need to settle on last-minute tedious food presentations since the platter adds its own essence to the presentation. A decent and basic rule when buying your first dinnerware set is that you should essentially buy a serving platter and a serving bowl that compliment each other and coordinate with the personalised theme.

There is a collection of hues, types, styles, materials, and examples accessible in the market today. This can make your buying choice to be incredibly confusing. Here are some useful tips that will ideally help you settle on your buying choice:

Uses of a serving platter

Platters are the most underrated part of a crockery set and hence people end up neglecting it. Though every other item is delegated as a serve-ware, they are planned in light of usefulness and adaptability. Serving platters today is second in significance as to serving bowls. Likewise, with some other dinnerware thing, these platters are fabricated in an assortment of materials varying from sturdy plastic to authentic silver.

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The dinners you host characterize the utilization of the platter just as whether it is a casual or a formal gathering. The serving platters you pick will permit you to make an eye-catching presentation of food. In addition to that, you don’t simply need them to be a “design articulation”. They should be useful and adaptable too and fit the requirements of the particular event that you are going to use them for.

Factors on which platters should be chosen

Shading: When in question, decide on neutral coloured serving platters like fresh white, warm beige, quieted blue or delicate green. These will supplement any table setting and guarantee your food to pop up. For the more bold ones, this could be your opportunity to switch up your exhibition game. Pull out all the bright and brilliant essential hues of sweet pastels, or an artistic essence that is a masterpiece in its own place. In case you want something really loud and bold, let your food direct the palette: complicatedly choose clay pieces for a themed-style feast or rich, gritty pieces for colourful dishes.

Serving Platters Online

Size: When buying a platter, take into consideration some extra space on the outer lining of each to give the guests space to move the food – this will likewise keep your table from looking stuffed yet abstains from leaving an excess of void space. One large and outstanding piece in a lustrous material or colour is a smart thought for placing the main course on as it draws attention to it. Is greater in every case better? Not really. The platter size should always coordinate with the gathering size. In case you are utilizing the multiple, they should all be of similar size/pattern.

Shape: Depending on the event, limit your serving platters to a comparable shape or scale. Round platters are perfect for a casual, and vacation style, while natural oval shapes and bends add drama and an association with nature. Square and rectangular-moulded ones will suit more formal occasions and are additionally helpful where space is restricted, as you can fit a greater amount of them in limited space. At the point when you are picking serving platters, keep the shapes steady. In case you’re accomplishing something genuinely modern, you need to have as many more square shapes as possible.

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In the end, attempt to decide whether your platters will be utilized for casual feasts or only for serving formal/extraordinary events. Not exclusively will this assist you to choose if you are buying an easy-going or a conventional serving platter, it will likewise assist you with deciding the amount you will spend on the thing.


When it comes to choosing platters, it ends up being a tough one due to the varying factors that influence it. This article provides all factors that matter when buying one.


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