Essential Businesses of 2020

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Businesses That Are Not Always Considered Essential, But Definitely Are

Essential workers and essential businesses are the way the world has kept going during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Hospital staff, restaurant workers, and supermarket employees have all been highlighted as essential in recent months, but there are so many more essential workers that are not getting credit. Today, we will highlight some of the businesses that may have not received enough attention during this time, but we could not live without.

Auto Mechanics

Not everyone has the ability to fix every broken piece of a vehicle and unfortunately, these man-made machines that help us get from point to point did not get the memo that a pandemic was underway. They have issues stemming from small, and easily fixable, to complex problems that require an expert. Mechanics are experts in their chosen field and provide excellent service to vehicles. Additionally, they perform routine maintenance such as tire rotation, oil changes, radiator flushes, and a host of other things the average person may not understand in order to keep our vehicles running as they should.

Wrecker Services

Available to support auto mechanics are wrecker services. Even though much of our everyday movement has been halted in recent months, people still do drive and unfortunately get into accidents. Wrecker services are and have always been an essential business. Today’s wrecker services are available for cleaning up accidents on hour highways and helping out stranded motorists when their vehicle breaks down on the road. These essential workers not only work for the public, but private and government organizations as well transporting vehicles across the country at times, so never discount the need for a quality wrecker service.

Construction Workers

Construction is a vast field. From pouring the foundation of a building, to putting the final touches on the ridge of a roof, construction is essential. Although some non-essential construction projects have been put on hold, others simply cannot wait. Among the most prevalent construction projects these days are performed on homes and businesses that have sustained damage during storms. Nature is something that does not bow down to a pandemic and unfortunately, wind, rain, and hail damage are a part of life throughout the world. Where would we be without our essential construction workers to repair our roofs, foundations, and every part of our homes and businesses.

Insurance Agencies

Just like the wrecker services support the auto mechanics, insurance agencies support both the mechanic and the construction worker. Insurance agencies are essential as they provide much needed assistance to their clients in the event of an auto accident or damage to their home. Insurance is a part of life these days and whether it is home, auto, or life insurance, it is truly an essential need.


6 months ago, the average seamstress might have been lucky to get a few jobs a week as most of the work of a seamstress has been taken over by large corporations, but times have changed. These days, the average seamstress can find themselves with orders for sometimes hundreds of masks. With so many online and retail stores running out of disposable face coverings, seamstresses have become essential for providing stitched face coverings to the masses.

Paper Product Manufacturers

Among the first products to leave store shelves when the COVID 19 Pandemic began were paper products. For weeks finding a roll of toilet paper, napkins, baby wipes, and any other paper product was seemingly impossible. As soon as store workers would stock the shelves, these products would vanish. Paper product manufacturers went into overtime increasing output to meet the demand of the public. We would not have gotten through the first part of this pandemic without their efforts.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are not always thought of as essential, but when this pandemic started to take over, these businesses began to be even more important. Businesses began using storage facilities for storing extra equipment while workers adjust to working at home or the business moved to smaller facilities. Construction workers used these storage units for storing additional equipment as many projects were put on hold. Even homeowners began using storage facilities as additional rooms were converted to temporary offices. Businesses of all types are seeking out business storage facilities for various purposes, so right now, storage facilities are certainly among the essential businesses of the day.

Things are changing each and every day. Now more than ever we must stand as a united front against our ever-changing world. We all need essential items to get through our every day lives and we rely on essential businesses to provide those items to retail stores the world over. There is no telling how long we will be living under restrictions, so when possible, support the essential businesses in your community. We will get through this and be stronger for it.


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