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Eset Resolve ACT or ECP Errors During Activation (806) 304-3832

Whenever there is an activation error in ESET products, it shall display a gamut of error codes starting with ACT or ECP errors example ACT.0, ACT.5, etc. The easiest way to mitigate eset error is by following this procedure.

  • Remove the earlier installed antivirus by following the right procedure.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Tap Start and open the command prompt.
  • Right-click on the command prompt icon and choose the Run as administrator option
  • Enter netsh winsock reset and press enter key.
  • Restart the system.
  • Set the time right of the computer.
  • Visit C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and inspect whether there are any DNS entries related to edf.eset.com. If you find any, remove them.

Common Eset Activation error codes and messages

ACT.0: If you receive this error, contact your Eset Antivirus Support team.

ACT.1: This error means that activation was successful however something went wrong. To ward off this issue check whether you have the latest version.

ACT.17: This means Activation Failed – Canceled license.

Ensure you are using the correct license key to renew your products.

ACT.18: This issue asks to confirm the activation using the previous license which somehow is expired or non-renewable.

ACT.20: It means the license cannot be activated in your country.

ACT.21: This error occurs after updating an ESET product. To mitigate this error, it is advised to restart the system and then activate the product.

ACT.24: When the ESET product is having issues while connecting to the ESET IP server, then this issue emerges.

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ACT.25: If you had used your license key in a beta ESET product then this issue pops up.

ACT.32/ ACT.34: The error message reads as ‘Activation failed – An error occurred during activation’. This means that the country you selected isn’t adept enough to support your license, so select the actual country to resolve this issue.

ACT.39: When the license is overused this issue pops. Either remove the ESET license from the unused device or extend the license.

ACT.4: This error alludes to a corrupt or faulty installation.

ACT.46: This states that the license of the user is expired and can be renewed.

ACT.5: This code appears when the license key is faulty. Make sure to enter the correct license key.

ACT.6: The license is expired and cannot be renewed. The product requires a new license.

ACT.7: The license is used for the wrong product.

ACT.8: The credentials like password and email ID are inaccurate.

ECP.4097: This occurs when the system time is faulty. It may also occur when the hostname of the computer is missing.

ECP.4098: The ESET product is having difficulty connecting to the server. Ensure you have an active internet connection while activation and installation.

ECP.4116: The license is invalid in the designated country.

ECP.4100: There is an internal error.

0x00040027 (macOS): This code means that the license is overused.

These errors can be resolved by contacting the Eset phone number  team. So if the issue arises due to eset error communication with the team or eset ACT or ECP Errors opening, feel free to reach us.

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