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Eat and Run by Brad Pilon

Eat and run: My Unforgettable Run Across America with a Twist is a self-written autobiography by the ultrarampoline champion Scott Jurek. It was recently released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June of 2021. The book is an incredible journey of Jurek’s personal journey to ultimate fitness. In Eat and Run, Jurek shares his secrets regarding how he overcame childhood obesity and turned that into a strong, muscular six pack. This book is for any runner who wants to learn how to eat properly and run properly.

먹튀검증 covers all the areas of running from the beginning to the end of a marathon or ultra-marathon race. Jurek covers nutrition, hydration, training, mental conditioning, and the importance of visualization for fast, great, and easy times during workouts. Jurek also goes into detail about some of the courses he has run and the conditions of the race courses as well. Eat and Run covers everything you need to know to become a top endurance athlete. The book has been positively received by many fitness professionals including ultra-marathoner Amy Rice.

This inspiring memoir is a great read because it is so detailed and honest. I feel that the key to the success of this book is the fact that Jurek not only shares his secrets but shows the reader what he did to get there. While this book is definitely for anyone looking to improve their running career, it is especially helpful for athletes who have had a tough go of it and struggled with a career low in productivity and overall enthusiasm. Eat and run is written in a conversational tone, similar to a short article or blog, so it can appeal to all people from all kinds of athletes. In addition, the book is very motivating because it contains practical tips and tricks along with motivating quotes that really inspire you to keep running.

Eat and run begins by teaching you how to find a healthy eating plan for your long distance running. It then explains how to eat for energy instead of using carbohydrates and calories to fuel your body. Next, the guide shows you how to choose the right foods to eat while training in the Death Valley National Park. Finally, it introduces you to the foods you should avoid while in Death Valley to get the maximum benefit out of your training. The vegan friendly chapters include vegan recipes for sandwiches and salads, delicious salads made with vegetables and fruits, and several superfood recipes for dessert.

In my view, there are many reasons why an athlete would want to learn about veganism. One is that veganism is becoming more popular and accepted as a way to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve personal health goals. Another is that veganism is a great way to promote compassion for animals and support an effective environmental movement. A third reason is that veganism is a great introduction to the world of ultra-marathons and ultra-running. And finally, if you’re an athlete who has been considering vegetarianism or veganism but isn’t sure if you’d be able to make it in the Death Valley desert, I highly recommend this book to give you the insight and information you need to overcome any concerns you might have.

Author Brad Pilon shares his experiences as a professional ultra-marathoner and runner who has run several marathons in the Death Valley. He provides an excellent timeline of his early days as a runner and explains how he became a vegan to help make the transition easier for future runners. There’s also a helpful pre-race section that includes nutrition and hydration strategies. Race morning tips including an explanation of how to get the most out of your workout and an explanation of what to bring and what not to bring with you are useful suggestions. If you’re new to ultra-marathons, I definitely recommend reading this before your race.

There are some pretty brutal races in Death Valley. For that reason, I highly recommend this book to any ultra-marathoner who’s considering cutting down their caloric intake and doing the same for their protein intake. It’s not easy being a vegan in a sport that requires you to consume large amounts of food and fluids. However, there are some beautiful long runs through challenging terrain in the dessert after your mile. There’s nothing like running along a gorgeous, rolling mountain that only takes your breathing away.

Eat and Run and the author, Brad Pilon, is a former competitor in the Death Valley Marathon. He’s been a vegetarian since the age of twelve and ran cross country and on dirt bikes before that. Since then, he has developed and transformed into a vegan, which is an important lifestyle choice for many athletes, and people who care about animal rights. With his credentials as a former ultra runner and his new book, Eat and Run, he can certainly make a case for why he was one of the world’s best runners and why you should eat and run too.

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