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Eat and Run – A Unique eBook Review

Eat and run: My Unlikely Adventure to Ultra greatness is a new autobiography by the legendary ultra marathoner Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman, author of Eat and Run. It was recently released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June 2012. I’ve read several books by Jurek, but this one has really been all about the training. And the results are evident with this book.

Eating right and running really do go hand in hand. The information that is provided in this text, regarding proper nutrition, hydration, and the ergonomic advantages of running with a good diet, really should not be ignored. This book is chock full of practical advice for anyone who is serious about their endurance endeavors. These include tips to increase your endurance, get fit and lose weight, and improve your nutrition and overall fitness goals.

This book is geared towards the experienced runner, and not a beginner to veganism. While there is plenty of information for the novice to veganism, it is presented in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable. I enjoyed reading it and learning new techniques that I can use as I continue my running.

먹튀검증, by Scott Jurek, PhD, describes how Dr. Jurek began his personal transformation from a “food animal” (meat, potatoes, dairy products) to a “plant-based athlete and citizen.” Although he acknowledges his own transition, the book goes beyond that and talks about his journey with other athletes and those who support him. It opens up about his childhood hunting and fishing trips, his love of food, and how eating a certain type of food impacted the rest of his life and career. It details his efforts to eat healthy and get fit, how he avoids eating processed foods, and what he does to get those necessary nutrients. As an athlete, Dr. Jurek says that eating healthy allows him to focus on the competition, which makes him more productive and helps him avoid injuries.

In Eat and run, Dr. Jurek shows you how to eat for energy and sustain that energy so you can run miles and hours without feeling tired or lacking the needed energy. Eating whole foods helps your body burn more calories and fat, as well as more endurance and strength. The chapters have a strong focus on eating real foods (i.e., fruits, vegetables, and grains) rather than diet gimmicks, such as the Zone Diet or Calorie Restriction. He explains why natural foods are better than processed foods and what nutrients and flavors really are beneficial for ultramarathons. Additionally, Eat and Run offer tips to help increase your stamina, such as pacing, skipping, and cycling. Finally, there are chapters on how to train and race effectively to increase your time and distance, specifically comparing ultra runners and ultramarathons.

This book has received many favorable reviews and has been read by thousands of readers both in the United States and Europe. It is written in a very easy to understand language that anyone can understand. Although it may not be the most informative or scientific research, for almost two decades, Dr. Jurek has been a leading authority on the topic of ultramarathons, diet, nutrition, training, and physiology. He is one of the most respected researchers and experts on the cutting edge of the sport of ultramarathons, having authored numerous scientific studies and running articles for years.

Eat and run is written in an extremely personal and inspirational memoir that takes you behind the scenes of the most competitive ultra-marathons in the world, covering everything from the preparations to the final event itself. It is not the sort of book you will find with glossy magazine cover and an introduction by some famous writer or celebrity. In fact, it is an honest and humorous account of one man’s quest to run across America in order to achieve the American dream. One of the things I like best about the book is that it is mostly true, with only a few embellishments or invented stories. Most of the stories are true, just the perspective and details are changing to fit the author’s purpose.

Eat and run is a remarkable personal journey by ultra-marathoner, Dr. Jurek. Not only does he open up about his life and career as an elite athlete, but also gives a unique perspective on nutrition and fitness. I personally feel that this is a well-needed book for all athletes who want to learn a bit more about what is required to be successful as an ultramarineathoner. The Eat and Run eBook is well-written, easy to read, and contains lots of valuable information. For the athlete looking to get back in shape, shed a few pounds, or just have a new passion, this is the perfect book.

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