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Dungeness Crab Vs. Red Rock Crab -Which One is Better for You?

Dungeness and red rock crabs are two of the most famous crab types in Thai restaurants. 

In this blog we will discuss which is the better option for you and why. Let’s learn about them one by one and also know their differences.

The Red Rock Crab

The red rock crab is family food, and people love it! It would also look like a red rock. These species are local toward the North American west coast going from Alaska to California. while they are little, they are mean creatures and will squeeze when drawn closer. 

The size of the red rock crab makes it more uncommon to purchase. More modest bodies mean more trouble separating meat from these creatures. The female crabs grow a normal of 4-6 crawls around the shell while the guys push out to 7inches. 

The Dungeness Crab

Otherwise called ‘Metacarcinus magister’ by the science world, it is red, however with more white patches. Alongside the red rock crab, they’re typically found on the North American west coast and are mainstream with northwest culinary experts. 

A lot greater than the red rock crab, the Dungeness weighs as much as 2 beats by and large. A large portion of this current crab’s weight is generally meat, which makes it the most pursued and is likewise fortunately bountiful in numbers. 

You may be comfortable with a couple of sorts of crab sold at standard stores, yet the crab species is enormous. There are more than 4,500 diverse crab species, yet just a modest bunch make it to our supper menus. The most well-known are the red rock and Dungeness crabs, very comparative yet additionally totally different. Here are a few different ways to reveal to them separated: 

Red Rock versus Dungeness

Aside from the conspicuous size distinction, what alternate ways would you be able to separate these scavengers? Dungeness crabs are depicted to have a sweet and mellow flavor, while you can portray the red rock to be sweet and sensitive. In the two cases, your taste buds will undoubtedly be much obliged. 

Since their size is greater (new), Dungeness crabs are more costly than their irritable partners; be that as it may, red rock crabs are simpler to cook and discover. 

In case you’re keen on the difficult two crabs at home, it is prescribed to bubble Dungeness crabs in salted bubbling water while red rock crabs are best cooked in a prepared stock. 

Crabs and Thai

It is the standard in Thai food to utilize various sorts of crab particularly in the southern piece of Thailand, where it is encircled by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. 

Regardless of whether you’re requesting it for the fourth evening or getting yourself to your nearby fish market to attempt your plans, we trust you become familiar with some things about these two extremely mainstream shellfish. 

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