Do you know about these Wonderful Places in Kashmir

Wonderful Landscapes

Kashmir is truly a place of magic. There are few cities in the world that have as much to offer as this Indian state. It is blessed with more than 4,000 lakes and thousands of rivers which provides enough fresh water for all its people. The air is clean, crisp, and pure. The view is nothing but green mountains, white snow-capped mountains and Patna lights. The people here are pure and sincere looking to pursue only happiness. A very special place indeed. You can plan a great trip to Kashmir by Travel agency in Kashmir.

Wonderful Climate

The beautiful scenery of this region makes it out of reach for most foreign tourists but tourist places are almost everywhere in this country. There are myriad of tourist destinations in Srinagar where you can visit for leisurely or business oriented purposes. You can go gliding down the Ganges River or hike through pinnacles of higher peaks. You can have a planned trip by Tour Planner in Kashmir for the wonderful Kashmir tour.

Wonderful trekking Places

Jammu and Kashmir is renowned for its beautiful valleys and lush greenery, which is coupled with a fair climate all year round. If you are planning a trip to this region of India, it would be best if you include a visit to Kashmir valley as one of your goals. In fact, it is estimated that more than 360 million tourists visit Kashmir every year. Each day, this mountainous region attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe and scores of travellers from all corners of the globe come to explore it. A trip to Kashmir valley provides an experience that defies description, as each mile your foot will reveal a breath-taking sight of scenery with an atmosphere of sheer glory residing within it.

Wonderful Holy Place

There are many wonderful places to visit in Kashmir which are relatively close. If you are travelling with your family, the world is flat, but Kashmir is not. What you will find around here, are a lot of breath-taking and fascinating temples. While some are very old, others are just as innovative and new as those of any other capital city in India. Some with hundreds of years under their belt, are as fascinating as other sights in this magnificent country.

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