Different Types Of cannabis Concentrates To Choose From

A cannabis concentrate is basically a concentrated, highly concentrated, throttled, hydroponic, or hydrocotyle hydrotuberculate mass of cannabis. It’s considered to be a” THC-free” product because it doesn’t contain any trace amounts of THC, the substance that gives marijuana its addictive properties. Because it has very little THC, there is no “bangs” or “hits,” no real physical addiction, and people can use it multiple times without getting addicted to it. Many of these cannabis concentrates are highly potent and should not be taken with prescription medicines.

When looking for cannabis concentrates online, you’ll notice that many come packaged in a duffel. Duffel packets make it easy to carry your concentrate in a purse or back pocket, and they come in a variety of strengths and varieties. Some concentrates even have a texture to them, and to find one that doesn’t will require some detective work.

One option that some people look for when buying their cannabis concentrate is to get a” shatterproof” product, or a “termate.” shatterproof means that the cannabis concentrate will be guaranteed to shatter into little pieces when heated. A termate is also created using physical separation of the trichomes, or the small, colored, succulent pieces found inside marijuana plants. The trichomes are fused together using extreme heat, and they create a type of barrier between the cannabis concentrate and the heat source.

A “heat diffuser” is another option that you might try when looking for a concentrated cannabis concentrate to buy. These devices are similar to vaporizers, but they heat the cannabis concentrate to a temperature where the water or oil molecules are separated from the oil, rather than being heated up completely. Diffusers produce a smooth, consistent smoke from the cannabis oil, but don’t require any special attention when cleaning up afterward. Some diffusers even come with replacement filters made of plastic that can be changed in the event that they become clogged with filth or debris. The ease of use and convenience of these products make them very popular among many consumers.

The final, and most expensive type of cannabis concentrates are the glass vessels or image lightbox products. These devices are actually more expensive than diffusers and steam distillers because they require specialized equipment in order to complete the process. These products are especially good at producing concentrated steam, which gives the final product a really nice blue color. Image lightboxes do not have filters, so the final product will be highly concentrated and quite aromatic. These also make very nice gifts and can easily fit into any container.

The differences between the three different concentrates listed above are slight. The price, convenience, and final product are all very important things to consider when making a purchase. However, if you are growing a small collection of cannabis flowers and are looking for a quick method of delivery, the glass vessels may be the perfect option for you. Diffused concentrates are usually the best choice for most consumers.


Written by Zeshan Riaz