Demand Of Fantasy Sports App Developers in India

The developer is one of the most desired jobs all over the world currently. A fantasy sports app developer designs and builds fantasy sports apps. Even the demand for fantasy sports app developers is increasing daily. The industry is supposed to grow by 41% by 2020, jumping from $2.6 billion to $14.4 billion. Moreover, according to a study, the number of developer jobs will also experience a 17% increase by 2024. The most famous fantasy sports in India are Cricket and Football. Due to the rising competition of fantasy sports apps in India, the demand for developers is higher. So, let’s get a comprehensive look at the market for fantasy sports app developers in India:

What do Fantasy Sports App Developers do?

There are many companies for fantasy sports app development. In simple words, they develop such apps. But, in a detailed manner, they grow sturdy and expandable features and solutions for applications on mobiles and as well as the desktop versions. An entirely developed app has a friendly interface, an excellent dashboard, and secure management. The developers build top-notch fantasy sports apps and sites for sports like cricket, football, baseball, hockey, badminton, etc. Especially in India, people are always looking forward to playing fantasy cricket leagues.

In-Demand Fantasy Sports App Developers Skills

1. Programming Languages

Proficiency in programming is a must for fantasy sports app developers. But there is an advantage to this here. There is leniency as there is no rigid need for learning a particular programming language for fantasy sports app development. You have the freedom to choose the language in which you are an expert. You can also go for any communication to learn, but it is good to use the styles that are highly put into use. In conclusion, yes, you can learn any language, but, in the end, it also depends on the platform of development.

2. App Development

If you are going to develop a fantasy sports app, the first thing to master is developing a mobile app. Fantasy sports is such a big industry, and there are so many apps for them. But only a few are at the top. And that kind of work is also required to reach there. App development has various phases and levels, but two things are given the highest importance:

  • UI: User interface plays a huge role in app development. And it is also the most crucial part of app development. You need to make sure if the design and interface of the app are accessible and friendly. It should be smooth for the user to navigate. Moreover, it should even be aesthetically pleasing for more points.
  • Cross-Platform: As we advance so quickly in technology, cross-platform app development is also on the peak. Today, most apps that are being developed are cross-platform. It means one version for all platforms. Be it iOS or Android. Cross-platform software development, in a way, shows the versatility of the developer. It is quite essential to know cross-platform development these days.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI is gradually setting its foot in each industry, even fantasy sports. There is also an escalation in demand for AI experts in the previous four years. It is also considered the number 1 emerging job. Therefore, AI expertise is a bonus point in fantasy sports app developers. Here is how AI comes into use in fantasy sports apps:

Bots for Customer Support: In most fantasy sports apps, customer support bots that respond instantly to all your queries. You can chat with these bots, and they are programmed in such a way that they can clear all your doubts. AI bots also help the participant to select the best teams and players for their benefits in contests.

4. Full-Stack Development

Front-End developers focus on the interface and look. Back-End developers focus on the accessibility and database. But, a full-stack developer can do both. All three are respected in their way, but full-stack developers are preferred over hiring front-end and back-end developers separately. Even if you have a larger project, hiring multiple full-stack developers is a better option than hiring various front-end and back-end developers. It reduces costs and increases productivity altogether. Below are some more advantages of them:

  • Updating and maintaining the app becomes relatively easy
  • Proven to be cost-effective because you don’t have to hire two developers for two different jobsFull-stack developers are experts in data structures as well as basic algorithms
  • They know how to deliver projects within the deadline

5. Data Science

Not only in fantasy sports, but data science is a plus point for every developer. Data science includes data mining and data analysis. It is considered a fundamental skill in demand because it has such a significant impact on the app. The developer has to research, analyze, and give useful information about the famous places of the app needing improvement. For fantasy sports, there might be loopholes. Here are some advantages of data science:   

  • Data Science is a high paying field
  • It is highly in demand, and there is much shortage of them.

Advantages of Fantasy Sports

  • Decision Making: Fantasy sports boost your decision-making skills. Because you have to make a crucial decision everywhere, you have to decide the best strategy, win more games, and select and eliminate the weak elements.
  • Team Making: Yes, this is another skill you sharpen while indulging in fantasy sports. Your team making skills determine the result of your game. As a beginner, you will face trouble in choosing the best team and players, but as you move on, your skills will improve, and you will be able to build the best team and win many contests.      

Summing Up

Fantasy Sports app developers are in high demand in India. But before hiring, you should make sure the developer is the perfect fit for your job. Also, it should yield the way you want. This guide will help you in getting familiar with this field.


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Written by Hemendra Singh


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