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Defining the Benefits of B2B Wholesalers

For those in the know, B2B wholesale is a great opportunity to boost sales and foster great business relationships. However, not everybody knows about B2B wholesale, or even the myriad benefits of B2B wholesalers! For those interested in information about wholesale suppliers Canada, there are some helpful things to keep in mind.

Firstly, B2B wholesale is a big market. In fact, in 2018, U.S. wholesale garnered a whopping 8.3 trillion dollars. This makes a big difference when contrasted with 2018 B2C retail, which sat at just 5.35 trillion dollars. With there being so much opportunity in B2B wholesale, there is clear appeal for companies looking to expand their brand and find new ways to sell. In the B2B wholesale world, your company will sell your products in wholesale amounts to other companies, rather than straight to consumers. These companies will then go on to either keep the products for use within the company, or sell the products themselves. Because of the wholesale nature of these sales, a big benefit is that it allows for your company to make larger sales at a time than most B2C sales opportunities. These B2B wholesale ventures also often result in longer-term  relationships with other companies, and thus more ongoing sales with them.

For companies looking to mix B2C and B2B strategies, B2B wholesale is also beneficial. This is because a B2B wholesale to other companies can help get the name out about your company and products. For example, if your company sells your products wholesale to a company who will be reselling them (especially if that retail company is fairly well known) it can raise awareness about your brand. In this way, wholesale distributors Canada can boost your B2C sales as well, by getting your product in front of customers who may not have otherwise come in contact with your company.

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