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Crowns and Bridges – Major Dental Surgery Procedures

Some dental problems are very frequent and they are treated with different procedures. Some of the major dental procedures include root canals, fillings, extraction, dental implants, and crowns and bridges.

Fillings and repairs for damaged tooth

Sometimes tooth decay may result in damaged teeth or crooked teeth. Tooth decay may occur from a number of reasons including genetics and eating sugary foods. It can be detected using x-rays, laser fluorescent and other methods. Sometimes patients struggle with tooth trauma which can due to nail-biting, tooth grinding, or broken teeth.

Damaged teeth are repaired by dentists using composite fillings and other restorative materials. Porcelain veneers often placed to correct chipped or discolored tooth.

Root canal procedure

In this treatment, dentists firstly remove the tooth pulp following that they clean the underneath mass and fill it. Pulp is a crucial part of your tooth which can be infected due to tooth decay if not eliminated. Root canal helps preventing tooth extraction as dentists seal this area during this procedure.

Dental restorations and crowns

This procedure is implemented to fix broken, damaged or cracked teeth. Dental crowns or caps constitute full teeth structure above the gum lines. These crowns are made of various materials including porcelain and metal. Sometimes dentists use a combination of crowns and bridges to fix individual dental problems. Crowns play a vital role in keeping the dental bridges stable. They improve the appearance and make the dental bridge durable.

Dental Bridges and Implants

This process is introduced to reinstate one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is similar to a fixed removable denture. This entails two crowns and one false tooth. Dental bridges are simply used to fill the gap of missing tooth. These bridges are usually supported by either natural tooth or by artificial dental implant. Dental implants help preserve the bone and give you strong tooth.

Tooth Extractions

Many patients have fully damaged or decayed teeth. This requires them to undergo a tooth extraction procedure in which the damaged tooth is removed from its socket. Extractions can be really painful so dentists usually try to prevent this by using other methods like tooth filling, dental crowns and bridges, etc. To fit metal dental braces and wires properly, sometimes extraction is required.

Teeth whitening treatment

As we grow older the teeth naturally lose their shade but sometimes this process expedites due to taking foods like coffee, tea, beverages, smoking, and drugs like tetracycline. Professional dental practitioners and cosmetic dentists use peroxide-based solution for teeth whitening procedure. This is the method to improve teeth appearance by addressing the discolored teeth. Cosmetic dentistry offers porcelain veneers, which is another expensive technique for covering highly stained or chipped teeth.

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