The world today is majorly dependent on its smart phones and the internet. For just about any kind of requirement, we are quick to turn to our digital assistants and look for it. We aren’t particularly living in times that are known to be patience. In the modern market, patience is definitely not a virtue that people appreciate. This is where the Gojek Clone app comes into picture. 

Multi services apps of all kinds have almost drawn the spot light towards themselves, and amongst them all, the Gojek Clone app seems to be one that has become the topic of everyone’s interest. However, before we get down to understanding the Gojek Clone app and the multiple advantages associated with having it, let us first try to understand what multi service apps on the whole are.


While the nomenclature itself seems very self explanatory, we would still attempt to shed a little more light on the nature and scope of the multi service kinds of apps. Basically, a multi service app is one that allows its users to access more than one service using just a single app. This means that the identity of all the services that the user hires within that app remains covered within the overall umbrella of the brand of the single app. 

However, since this concept has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, many different types of on demand mobile app development companies and even freelance mobile app developers have started developing multi service apps.

The problem is that although they justify the definition of the multi service app by presenting a single app that allows access to multiple services, most of these apps aren’t dependent on a single download or a single log in. 

This means that while an app on the Google play store and the iOS app store might claim to be a multi service app, it might not be so because it will be riddled with multiple in app downloads. Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Say a user downloads a taxi plus delivery app. When they download the app they would think of it as a single application. But, once they open it to hire the taxi, they will have to log in to it. Once logged in they can easily hire a taxi. However, when they try to send a parcel using that app, they will be redirected to an in app download. This means that the parcel delivery section that requires another download and log in is simply an app within another app. 


The Gojek Clone app is a revolutionary new app that eliminates the need for the users to download a hundred different apps each time they hit a requirement. This single app requires just one download and just one log in to be able to make sure that they can access the prowess of over 70 different types of services. 

The Gojek clone app also allows apps owners to manage the entire app seamlessly from the admin panel and keep track of all the activity within the app. They can also download the reports of which services did well, how much money you made, how much money did the service providers make and so on and so forth. 

The Gojek Clone app introduces a brand new level of convenience that the people haven’t seen before. This app not only allows users to find and hire service providers from over 70 different diversifications of services, but also empowers the service providers to offer their services as independent entrepreneurs, thereby quoting a price for their services as per their own convenience. 

Service providers can now also enjoy the freedom of advertising for their services across various pages, whether it is of the same sector of services or further classified to location wise advertisement visibility. 

What’s more, the service provider can also earn from multiple sources. For example a taxi driver can choose to make deliveries or walk dogs or shovel snow in order to earn extra income right from the single app. All he or she needs to do is set their availability and their charges and that’s all. The app will do the rest of the job for them. 


The time for launching and using the Gojek Clone app to grow your business is right now. If you are keen on earning from all kinds of services then you too must invest in the Gojek Clone app. The only thing that you must be doubly careful of while purchasing your Gojek Clone app is that you should only purchase this app from a reliable and reputed on demand mobile app development company that offers white label services. White label services allow the app development company to add custom features to the app such as the local language of your choice and the local currency of your choice can be integrated in your app, you can also add your logo and brand name everywhere on the app and remove that of the company that built it apart from changing its entire colour theme to match your logo. 

The Gojek Clone app is one of the most successful on demand multi service business solutions in the market today. If you wish to hit the market at the earliest, the wisest option is to invest in a ready made app that can be launched on the Google Play store and the iOS app store in less than a week’s time. Ensure that the company that develops (or has already developed the launch ready app) has at least 8 to 10 years of experience in not only building but also launching such apps on the app store so that your journey of idea to market is a lot smoother and faster!

Written by Carol John