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Cost To Build A Video Streaming App Like Netflix Clone And Hotstar Clone

The number of over-the-top video viewers has increased significantly. The reason behind this increment is the surfacing of apps that are similar to Netflix. After analyzing the popularity of Netflix, investors are now investing in Netflix Clone development. 

If you are also keen to know the cost of Netflix Clone App development, then this article is a must-read for you. The article covers each and every significant aspect that adds up in the cost estimation of Netflix Clone App development.

Netflix Clone App Development

Netflix was founded in the year 1997. However, since then, the number of users that access the platform to watch their favourite episodes and movies has been drastically increasing. 

There are many other apps that have been competing for the number one position in the video streaming industry like Hotstar, HBO Now, and many more, but amongst all of them, Netflix Clone Script is still the most preferred choice of the developers to create a feature-rich video streaming app. 

Not just it helps in creating a quick video streaming software solution, but it also sheds a lot of extra costs that otherwise would have been incurred in developing an app from scratch. 

Refer to the next section to get a detailed insight into what makes up the cost of a Netflix Clone App.

Cost Of Netflix Clone App

No doubt that the demand for Netflix Clone is on the rise; there are several aspects that a client should know to manage the budget of app development. 

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There are many factors that are taken into consideration while estimating the cost of creating an app similar to Netflix. Read this section to get familiar with all those points, eventually leading to effective budget management.

  1. App functionality The number of features, and whether they are basic function-oriented or advanced technology-oriented (like AI-powered) adds to the cost of Netflix Clone development.

  1. Development teamThe size and location of the app development team also play a vital role in determining the cost of app development. 

  1. Platforms

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The number of platforms that you target, such as Android, iOS, web, etc. also contribute to the price of app development.

  1. Type of app

What type of app is it? Is it a native app or a web app, or a hybrid? The type of app that you seek to create also influence the total cost of app development. 

The number of platforms is one of the most important factors that can not be neglected while estimating the cost of app development. However, creating an app with cross-platform functionality will hike up the success rate of your Netflix Clone App. Creating an app for the iOS platform will cost somewhere around $35000 to $55000. On the other hand, if you target the Android platform, then the cost will further add up a figure between $35000 to $55000.

Moreover, the front-end and back-end development services will also influence the cost of Netflix clone. The front-end development will cost somewhere around $25000 to $40000. And the cost of back-end development will cost you around $35000 to $50000. 

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After summing up all the figures that have been highlighted above, the total cost of creating an app similar to Netflix will cost you somewhere near $140000 to $200000. It is to be noted that the figures that are mention are just a rough estimate, and the actual cost of development will vary with your project requirements. 

The development cost will also include the developers’ fee that depends on the geo-location of the development company, their expertise, brand value, and many other factors. 

Ending up

After reading this article, you are now familiar with the price range of Netflix Clone App development. But it does not mean that your project will strictly fall in between these figures. Consulting with an expert software development company will help you get a better view of the total cost of your project as per the features that you select, the size of the team deployed on it, the total number of hours utilized in app development, and many more.              

Lastly, we recommend that you adopt a flexible approach while planning the budget to accommodate the required changes and suggestions to address the challenges faced while working on the project.

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