Correct Way to Sleep on a Memory Foam Pillow

A comfortable bed that you can look forward to is part of a good sleep routine and managing stress. Contoured pillows made out of memory foam are some of the most popular for those wanting to upgrade where they rest their head every night, especially for those dealing with neck pain. Memory foam pillows work based on the heat from your body, softening into the ideal shape to support your head and neck. There are ways to use a memory foam pillow for sleeping, as well as ways to use it incorrectly.

What is memory foam?

Urban legend has it that NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s to cushion the astronauts on space flights. While NASA says that it did have a hand in the development of memory foam, Charles Yost is credited with the invention while under contract with NASA in 1966 to use in airplanes.

How to sleep on a memory foam pillow

Place the flat side of your pillow down and orient the pillow with the larger of the two curves toward the foot of your bed. This will provide maximum support for your head and neck, regardless of whether you sleep on your side or your back.

Settle into your pillow and let your head sink in. Even if the pillow seems too hard at first, stay with it. In a few minutes, you will feel the pillow conform to your head, neck, and shoulders due to your body heat. It will take a little while for the foam to change position when you do. As the foam cools, it becomes stiffer. This is an ideal time to take a few cleansing breaths or to meditate for a few minutes to prompt your body and brain to have a deep and stress-relieving sleep.


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