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Compensation Claim after a Low-Impact Collision

Contrary to the common belief, a low-impact collision often leads to major or lingering injuries. Assuming that these accidents don’t cause any major harm is a wrong perception and often causes delays in treatment, which could make your physical condition worse over time. It is the same belief that prevents people from reporting the incident and filing a compensation claim.  

Most car owners are not aware that they are entitled to compensation for damages caused by low-impact auto accidents. Our auto accidents attorney in Boynton Beach allows you for free consultation to discuss the legal options that you have to recover damages.

Most lawyers don’t demand any upfront fees; rather accept contingent fees, implying that they get paid only if they can successfully recover compensation on their clients’ behalf.

What is a Low-Impact Collision?

A low-impact collision, also known as a “fender bender”, is a crash that happens at a low-speed (under 15 miles/hour). It usually takes place in a parking lot or a stop-and-go traffic.

Followings are the commonest causes of low-impact collisions:

Ø  Low visibility

Ø  Poor road condition

Ø  Distracted driving

Ø  Breaching yield signals

Ø  Ignoring a blind spot

Ø  Following too closely

In some cases, low-impact collisions trigger a chain reaction event involving several vehicles.

What Kinds of Injuries May Happen in a Low-Impact Crash?

While you may find it hard to believe that a car running at a speed of 15 miles/hour can ever sustain any damages or the driver and/or passengers may receive any major injury, the truth often contradicts the fantasies. In fact, these accidents may inflict lingering impacts on the injured. The possibility of serious injuries cannot be overruled especially if the victim has a previous injury.

Followings are the commonest types of injuries resulting from a low-impact collision:

Ø  Whiplash

Ø  Headache

Ø  Neck pain

Ø  Shoulder pain

Ø  Soft-tissue damages

What Compensation Are You Entitled to?

Anyone, who is a victim of a low-impact car accident, has legal rights to file a compensation claims for the damages he/she has incurred. You should discuss the matter at length with your auto accidents attorney in Boca Raton.

A compensation claim is filed to recover the followings:

Ø  Lost wages

Ø  Image testing

Ø  Chiropractic therapy

Ø  Prescription Medication

Ø  Physical treatment and therapy

The above-listed points are referred to as economic damages. You may also claim for non-economic damages including pain, suffering etc. However, proving these after a low-impact car collision is pretty complex and difficult.

Only a professional lawyer who is having a deeper idea about this matter. You need to get the best so that chances get doubled on winning. You can understand the reason that you can think of so that you can gain the best result from every side. These cases need to be confidential so you will be getting good support from the lawyer. You can definitely hire an auto accidents attorney and get off every issue and let him perform the best for you.



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