Common Questions About the Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Exam

In addition to a permit exam and a road test, Florida requires all first-time drivers to pass a Florida drug and alcohol course and exam known as the TLSAE. This course, and the subsequent exam, covers Florida’s laws regarding drug and alcohol use and the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The course also covers other traffic laws and safety topics such as defensive driving and vulnerable road users. This is a separate course and exam to the permit test (also known as the Class E Knowledge Exam), and must be completed before you can get your permit.

If you are a first-time driver in Florida, here are some things you should know about the TLSAE:

Who Can Take the TLSAE?

The Florida drug and alcohol course and exam are open to all first-time drivers. You must be at least 14 ½ to sit the course, as that is the minimum age in Florida to apply for a permit.

Where Can I Take the Florida Drug and Alcohol Exam?

The Florida drug and alcohol exam is part of the TLSAE course. This course is offered online, which is the most popular option, but can also be taken in a classroom setting in some parts of the state. Taking the course online means you can take the exam from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How Much Does the TLSAE Cost?

The cost to take the TLSAE depends on the provider. The course is offered by many different companies, some of whom offer bundles and discounts on driver courses and exams. Just make sure that the company you go with is an official state provider.

In What Languages is the TLSAE Course Offered?

The TLSAE is most commonly offered in English and Spanish. If you require a Spanish course, be sure the provider you choose offers one before registering.

How Long is the TLSAE Course?

The course itself is designed to take four hours, however online learners can start and stop the course as needed, which may change the amount of time it takes.

How Many Questions are on the Exam?

The exam is 40 questions long and you have one hour to complete it. You must get 32 questions correct in order to pass.

How do I Report my Passing Grade to the DMV?

Whether you take the TLSAE online or in a classroom, your grade should be automatically reported to the DMV.

What if I Fail the Exam?

You should be allowed a certain number of retakes through the course you register with. For peace of mind look for courses that allow unlimited retakes.

What Happens After I Pass?

 Once you pass your TLSAE, you take your permit test. If you are under 18, you can also take this exam online. Otherwise, you will have to book the test in person. Once you have passed both exams, you can apply for your permit!

Written by Eddie Dave