Common Causes of Cracks that Require Urgent Stone Chip Repairs

Windscreens are very important when it comes to the safety features of a car. It not only protects from wind and other natural elements but also plays a key role in the proper deployment of airbags. Windscreens are also subjected to constant pressure while you drive as it offers you a clear view outside, all while enduring the counter forces of nature. Above all, the windscreen and other auto glass protect you from road debris flying around at high speeds.

So, during the process of providing you protection and a clear view, it is understandable that windscreens sometimes develop scratches and cracks, and it is very important to get stone chip repairs as soon as you spot a crack.

Therefore, let us understand some common causes of cracks and scratches and how to avoid the damage and get professional assistance when needed.

Common Causes of Windscreen Chipping

Here are some of the more common reasons why the windscreens get chipped over time:

  • Stone chipping – the most common cause for windscreen chipping is, of course, the stones and road debris shooting off from the tires of other cars on the road. These pebbles and stones sometimes shoot off at enormous speeds and can easily crack and chip the windscreen glass if it makes contact. To avoid such damages, you need to follow the basic traffic rules to maintain distance from other vehicles and slowing down when another car is overtaking yours. Stones fly around often when the road is damaged or not paved, and it is best to go slow on such roads to avoid stone-chip damages.
  • Temperature Change and Other Natural Causes – Yes, sudden change of temperature and glasses do not get along well with each other. Glasses can crack if you use very hot water for washing off some sturdy dirt or if the air conditioner is suddenly blasted off in a heated car on a very hot day. Such damage is not that common, but it can occur, and therefore one must take care that the car windscreen doesn’t undergo severe temperature changes.
  • Accidents – Road accidents and collisions can occur unexpectedly and are one of the most common reasons for all types of car damage, let alone the windscreens. Collisions with other vehicles, animals, and stationary objects like poles and signboards, can all cause the windscreens to chip and crack. To avoid such damages, one must drive carefully and be alert while on the road, and most importantly, do not drink and drive.
  • Installation and Quality Errors – In case you are experiencing repeated damages on the windscreen, and you have replaced the windscreen recently, the most probable cause can be the low quality of glass or installation errors. This can happen if you have bought a cheap auto glass or got the installation done by unprofessional workmen.

Repairs and Replacements

When you spot a new crack or stone chip, some obvious questions may arise in your mind, such as,

“Can it be repaired?”, “Will it require a windscreen replacement?”, “Should this be repaired urgently?” and “How much will it cost?”

You will be glad to know that in most cases, small chips and cracks can be repaired very easily and won’t cost much time or money. However, bigger cracks may be irreparable, and you may have to change the windscreen entirely. 

Windscreen damage should be repaired as soon as possible; if not, the cracks can expand in time, making the glass weak and causing it to break unexpectedly, which can result in serious injuries to the people inside.

How to Find the Best Service

You must get the best service provider for your windscreen related issues. The best way to locate one is by searching on the internet. For example, if you are in Brisbane, search ‘windscreen repair in Brisbane’; this will get you the list of service providers in your region. Do good research on their websites before choosing one service. Check the amount of experience they have, whether they provide top-quality authentic glasses, do they provide quick service, and also whether the cost is reasonable to you; if everything feels good, go ahead and contact that service provider.

In most cases, chip repairs take less than half an hour, and if the damage is beyond repair, good service providers will offer high-quality replacement and installment services as well.


Hence, here we discussed some common causes of windscreen damages and some other important information regarding stone chip repairs, which can help a person to assess the situation properly and get professional help whenever needed.

Windscreens are the unsung heroes, all-weather saviours, that plays the most important role in keeping you and your family safe inside the car. Therefore, take good care of your auto glass; keep them in mint condition to ensure safety for yourself and your loved ones.


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Written by Kevin Lashley


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