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Cloud-based POS – New Point of Sale System

Are you confused about the meaning of cloud-based POS?

Here we discussed details about online POS Software. So, you can decide on the best POS Solution as your super shop management software.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) POS solution.

You may have heard about “cloud” many times, such as iCloud and Google Cloud. What is “cloud”? Is there a vague information system in the air? number. Literally, cloud-based systems are software/services that store all data over the Internet.

Just access and support the system on the internet.

Even if you run a small business or a large company, cloud-based systems are very useful for the following reasons:

– Easy to manage: All business data from multiple locations and channels is stored in a centralized database. This means that all your data stays in one place. Easily access data for analysis, comparison, and even “communication” between stores.

– Cost-effective: You don’t need to hire specialized IT to solve the problem. Store owners only need to upgrade their system monthly or yearly with minimal upfront costs. (Monthly rates often range from $ 80 to $ 200 per month).

– Highly secure: Cloud-based servers do not store sensitive credit card information in the back room. Instead, the data is always encrypted and sent to another secure network. Therefore, there is no risk of customers being compromised by important information. In fact, devices integrated with cloud-based systems are continuously monitored to detect suspicious activity and unauthorized access.

– Online – Offline: If your system can connect to Wi-Fi, there is no problem. But don’t worry if it doesn’t. When you come back online, your system will sync in real-time.

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