Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series: Irreplaceable switches of the Industry

The Cisco WS-C3850-48U-L series switch is the first stack able, fixed GE switch that converges bot wireless and wired access in a single platform that makes it super easy and straightforward to attend to or use it. It creates an overall un compromised and fantastic user experience that can be mostly utilized for attaining good workplace network access, making your work faster and convenient to get to. The converged system that the Cisco 3850 switches provide makes it better and improved network-wide visibility that helps for faster troubleshooting and providing consistency in the quality and security of the service control. Moreover, you’ll also find that in addition to all of this, there is a maximum scale of distributed wired and wireless data plane and better resiliency that come along with a fast state ful recovery. For sure, all of this makes these series of switches the best stack able switches in the industry so far.

Cisco 3850 Series Configurations

You’ll find that these switches are available in IP Base, IP Services, and LAN Base feature sets. The thing that’s common in all kind of switches is that they ship with a default AC power supply. If you want the DC power supply, you could always purchase it as an option to use it for spare. Also, the base switch doesn’t include access point licenses of any sort.

You will find that the requirements of WS C3850 48U L include around up to 50 access points, and the number of wireless clients that could use this support can reach up to 2000, and this is considering that each of the users supports on every switching entity that is either a stack or a switch. Overall, this is by far the best Cisco Catalyst series of switches that you need to get before starting a business.


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Written by Kevin Martez


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