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Carpet in the home: typologies and comfort

The carpet is a material that provides us with comfort and softness in the tread. It is worth it that we have a firm and resistant floor that offers, in turn, durability over time.

A comfortable, firm and resistant floor is ideal for any room. It is considered one more component of the decoration; Therefore, we will analyze the qualities that gives us a carpet at home: typologies and comfort for our feet.

Well-being is achieved when we manage to have an environment suitable for habitability . The feeling of being in a pleasant space provides us with a degree of happiness and relaxation that is essential for everyday life.

Many times, we focus too much on the choice of furniture, the color of the walls, decorations, appliances, etc .; however, what happens to the soil? It is considered an essential piece in the house that deserves our full attention.

Polyamide carpet

Image: archiproducts.com/es

The carpet in the home fulfills a very important function: cushioning the footprint and guaranteeing warmth on the floor. One of the materials that is taking the longest in this area is polyamide, a synthetic fiber that guarantees resistance and durability over the years.

Generally, the fibers are about 2.5mm high . It does not produce unexplained roughness or lift and achieves a degree of smoothness that is above other carpets. Be careful with wine stains and other liquids. As for cleaning, it must be done dry.

This typology is used especially in public spaces: offices, offices, meeting rooms, etc. It can be found in different shades ; however, gray, beige or garnet are the most used, as they combine very well with the rest of the furniture.

A comfortable floor is synonymous with well-being.

Polypropylene carpet

Image: amazon.es

One of the most used formats in the home is polypropylene carpet. Together with the previous one, it is one of the most used to achieve a flexible floor . In this case, we can find it with different appearances, but the material remains the same and with the same guarantees.

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If a large area is to be covered, the involvement of a professional is recommended . However, we can also arrange the carpet ourselves as long as we follow the instructions properly.

  1. The fibers are about 2 or 2.5 mm high. A completely smooth and well-defined surface is left to resist for many years. In the end, no type of wear can be seen if it is only used for everyday use.
  2. You can have anti-stain treatment ; that yes, it is necessary to avoid that liquids are spilled and the cleaning must be dry. Also, keep in mind that footprints may be visible .
  3. The texture may vary. Some have very fine curly fibers, while others have a completely smooth appearance. Any option is valid and optimal for the home; the choice is a matter of personal taste.
  4. As for the colors, there is a wide variety. As in the previous case, neutral tones are the most demanded; however, special mention must be made of light and dark , being useful if you want to decorate a room in a more striking way.

Natural coconut fiber

Image: amazon.es

Special mention must be made of a type that is truly interesting: carpet made with 100% natural coconut fiber. It is a somewhat particular case and, deep down, it is not usually found in homes and offices but it is gaining more and more relevance.

It is made up of natural fibers with a PVC base that guarantees support and stability. It is very comfortable and to the touch it is somewhat smooth but very appropriate for a firm footprint. It is used, above all, in offices and homes.

A product with which we can go barefoot at home.

Thick woven carpets

Image: amazon.es

Carpet in the home plays an essential role if we have young children. These usually play on the ground; therefore, they need a comfortable support that, in addition, cushions the falls . The typologies that are characterized by having greater thickness allow us to accommodate the floor in the rooms that require them the most.

They tend to have thicker and higher fibers to achieve greater softening and mitigation of impacts . It is considered the most appropriate for a children’s room. In fact, comfort is guaranteed to such an extent that you can sleep on the floor .

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