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Buying Spirit Tickets At the Airport —an Unexpected Gotcha

Budget travelers look for low-cost and ultra-low-cost airlines to book flights to save big and get maximum value for money. They prefer Southwest, Allegiant, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit as these airlines provide ticket booking at the lowest airfares. Many low-cost air carriers like Frontier Airlines, Allegiant, and Spirit Airlines charge online booking fees from their prospective passengers. Spirit Airlines charges range from $8.99 to $20.99 each way, termed a convenience fee. Booking Spirit tickets at the airport can help you save money and avoid paying extra charges.

Besides booking tickets at the airport, flyers can save money by printing boarding passes in advance, making payments for bags early, bringing their snacks and drinks, and packing extremely light before flying in Spirit. If you are a frequent flyer with Spirit, you can choose to join the $9 club that provides you considerable savings and maximum flexibility.

What is the catch in this?

However, there is an unexpected ‘Catch’ in booking Spirit tickets at the airport. Although you may save $18.95 on the ticket cost avoiding the passenger usage charge, you may end up paying $10 more when you check a bag after booking at the airport. You can avail of the cheapest bag fee only when you book tickets and check bags online at the time of booking. It means that your saving on booking tickets at the airport will be reduced or negated as you check bags online after booking your tickets. To escape from this, it would be best to book tickets online and check bags online at booking.

When Buying Spirit Tickets at the Airport Makes Sense?

When you have to book tickets for your family or a group of friends, buying Spirit tickets at the airport will save you a considerable amount, provided you have fewer bags for check-in. This saving would be more when you book tickets for a round trip rather than one way. You can gainfully utilize this savings for booking accommodations, sightseeing, and other fun activities. You must consider booking tickets for multiple trips from Spirit only at the airport to get a significant amount of savings.

Book Spirit Ticket through an Esteemed Travel Agency- FlySpiritt

 You can consider booking your Spirit tickets from a popular online travel agency like FlySpiritt and get flight deals with flexible travel schedules. FlySpiritt will help you get coupon codes, which will help you save big and book your tickets at a low cost.

If available on a one-way or round trip to your desired destination, you can consult experienced travel advisors to learn more about the ‘Bundled Deal.’ Besides securing flight reservations, you


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