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Ramadan will begin from 12th April to 11th May 2021. This is the holy month of fasting where people observe fast from before sunrise prayer to the sunset prayer. The first day of fasting in Ramadan begins after the new moon is sighted. Therefore, fasting depends on the sighting of the moon. 

During Ramadan along with fasting, people cannot drink, smoke, and indulge in sexual activity from dawn to dusk. Once the Ramadan month ends, then people celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, which is a festival of breaking fast. Some of the foods that are eaten during Eid-al-Fitr are mutton or sheep dishes called ouzi, another dish is chicken muchboos, salona, luquaimat, etc. Other than eating, people tend to wear new clothes and visit their relatives, exchange gifts, etc. To buy Ramadan bundle pack for someone you need to visit the NutsArabia website. On that website locate and click the option ‘Bundled Packs’ from the menu, next choose the ‘Ramadan Bundle Pack’ option. After that, choose one product out of the three listed on the website and purchase it. One thing to note is you can purchase either as a guest or as a registered user. 

As a registered user you can get many options as follows: able to see your orders, can see what items you have viewed recently, compare the list of items, can see the contains in your cart, and also view the wishlist items. Buy Ramadan bundle pack from NutsArabia and celebrate this Ramadan well with your friends and family.

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