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Buy Bamboo Pillow with Cooling Gel in USA

Buy Bamboo Pillow with Cooling Gel in USA



The Bamboo Cool Gel Pillow is a pillow for one’s bed that’s made of gel-infused, ventilated memory foam on the inside and comes with a cover made of bamboo fibers for the outside. It’s claimed that this pillow will keep you cool, dry and comfortable all night long, so you’ll wake up feeling energetic and ache-free. You can get bamboo pillow with cooling gel in a queen or a king size, and you’ll be able to obtain a single one or two in a set.


How It Works


Unlike standard pillows, this one won’t trap your body heat and make you hot and sweaty during the night. Instead, as you sleep, the cooling gel inside it will literally cause any excess body heat you create to dissipate, leaving you cool and dry. Meanwhile, the ventilation channels that are strategically placed throughout this type of pillow will keep air flowing through it, which will also help you maintain your cool, dry and comfortable state. Plus, the memory foam inside each pillow is moderately firm (without being rock-hard), so certain spots won’t sag and make your pillow lumpy, which can lead to achiness upon waking up. Therefore, besides sleeping with comfort, you’ll likely wake up feeling good, too.




Conforms To Shape


The  Bamboo Cool Gel Pillow is suitable for users with any body type, and no matter what yours is, it’ll conform to your shape in order to enhance your comfort. It’ll also cradle your neck and the rest of your head as you sleep, which will increase the likelihood that your spine will remain in an ideal position. With your spine in this position, it’s unlikely that it’ll be subjected to pressure from the rest of your body, and you’ll be less likely to experience back or neck pain when you wake.


Two Sizes Available


This pillow comes in two sizes: king and queen. If you’ve got a king-sized bed, it almost goes without saying that the king-sized pillow will be the right size for you. The queen-sized pillow is suitable for people who normally sleep on queen-sized beds or beds that are smaller than that, such as a twin bed or a double. If you’d like, you can obtain two identical pillows for yourself or share the second one with a partner, but you’ll also have the option of getting just one in your chosen size.


Bamboo Cover


Each of these cooling pillows comes with a white cover that’s made from viscose fibers derived from bamboo. Every cover is hypoallergenic and is purported to feel softer than cotton when it comes in contact with the skin. These covers are machine washable, although the rest of each pillow isn’t, so you’ll need to remove the cover from your pillow to toss it in your washing machine. After you’ve washed it, it’s best to let it air-dry.

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